Project 1: Young Writers of Canada

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Spencer House - Principal

Matthew Alexander

School: Pasadena Academy
P.O. Box 130
Pasadena, NF
A0L 1K0
Tel: (709) 686-5091
Grade Level: 8
Number of Students 60

  Project Overview

We intend to set up a project that would link Pasadena Academy with a school in western or northern Canada.

  Curriculum Connections


  1. The development and promotion of good writing and critical thinking skills using students' own work as a basis;
  2. The publication of an online student literary magazine on the Pasadena Academy Homepage;
  3. The development of basic computer skills such as keyboarding and wordprocessing;
  4. The development of advanced computer skills such as e-mail and other Internet communication;
  5. The acquisition of knowledge about people, places and cultures in other parts of the country by developing relationships with children their own age, based on nationality cooperation and shared interests.

Students will have the opportunity to have their original writing analyzed by other students in a different province via the Internet. The responses to the material will allow the students to edit and improve their writing with the help of their peers. Once the final revisions have been completed a team of teachers from the school will act as an editorial board to select the best student writings. These selections will be published in the "Writers' Magazine" section of Pasadena Academy's home page, under headings appropriate to various genres such as essays, short stories, poetry and so on.

We will have a "guest section" featuring the work of students from our "twin" school on the Pasadena Academy home page, and, possibly, our twin school will do the same for our students.


The writing exercises and finished products will be a part of the Language Arts curriculum at Pasadena Academy and students will be evaluated on a variety of writing skills while learning computer skills such as how to use the Internet to do research, communicate using e-mail, as well as how to upload and download materials to and from the Net.

It is our hope that our "twin" school and their students will develop these skills with us, and that both their students and ours will reap the benefits of an exciting and worthwhile educational experience.

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