Project 2: Environmental Health
Here and Around the World

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Howard Pope - Grade 5 Teacher

Derek Burridge - Grade 5 Teacher

Duane Huxter - Grade 6 Teacher

Weldon Blanchard - Grade 6 Teacher

School: Northshore Elementary School
Box 3539 R.R.2
Meadows, NF
A2H 6B9
Tel: (709) 783-2780
Grade Level: Grades 5 - 6
Number of Students: 80 students
Project Start and Finish Dates: For approximately two weeks in the spring of 1998

  Project Overview

This project intends to deepen student awareness of environmental issues relevant to their home community and to other communities situated in various parts of the world. Participants would attempt to identify real and potential hazards in their own area and then compare/contrast them with environmental health problems experienced by people living in other places on our planet. Also, students would be asked to identify organizations, services, etc. that promote environmental wellness. Students would then compare/contrast them with organizations, services, etc. found in other communities around the world. Information collected during the project could be used to create a data base of items which focus on similarities and differences regarding environmental issues in various communities on earth.

  Curriculum Connections

This project would certainly support many of the objectives presented in the environmental strand of the Department’s Elementary Health Curriculum Guide (1994).

In particular, the following learning outcomes might result from involvement in the project.

~ a recognition of the potential health hazards of community garbage disposal.

~ an understanding of how litter may create an unsafe community environment.

~ an appreciation of the importance of reusing, reducing, and recycling waste to promote environmental health.

~ an ability to identify existing disposal and litter problems.

~ a recognition of the problems that pesticides may cause in the environment.

~ an understanding of the fact that natural and man made changes in the environment may have negative as well as positive implications.

~ an ability to discuss the greenhouse effect, ozone layer, and pollution in terms of their actual and potential negative influence on environmental health.

  Resource Connections

The STELLAR Schools Internet connection would greatly enhance the project’s ability to collect current environmental data from various parts of the world.

The project would also need to utilize library print materials.

In addition, representatives of local agencies promoting different types of environmental care would be invited into the school to make presentations.


~ Submission of a completed project.

~ Show how to use the Internet.

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