Project 1: The Writers Network

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Ruby Busse
School: Northshore Elementary School
Box 3539 R.R.2
Meadows, NF
A2H 6B9
Tel: (709) 783-2780
Grade Level: Grades 5 - 6 Enrichment
Number of Students: 15 students
Project Start and Finish Dates: This school year.

  Project Overview

The ‘Writer’s Network’ will help with both language and computer skills. It is aimed to foster excellence in writing, as well as motivate a common love of writing.

The project provides a "real world" audience for students who question the relevancy of writing as it is for those with a particular interest in writing.

In our classroom, the Writer’s Network will provide the opportunity to:

~ develop critical and creative thinking as well as technological skills.

~ add motivational interest to academic work.

~ provide feedback and reinforcement throughout the writing process.

~ integrate computers into everyday learning activities as an effective tool for teaching writing.

Through access to specialized STEM-NET news groups, the Writer’s Network facilitates

~ the development of a provincial network of good writers.

~ the sharing of knowledge, skills and experience by students throughout the province automated tools of choice. Since its inception, the project has expanded in the direction technology itself is expanding, becoming easier and less daunting to use, making of the computer a tool for unique and personalized expression.

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