Project 3: Stats On-Line

General Information
Project Overview
Project Goals
Curriculum Connections

  General Information

Lead Teachers: Austin Simms (STEM~Net Lead Teacher)

Allan Skanes (Mathematics Enrichment Teacher)

School:J.J. Curling Elementary School
Woodbine Avenue
Corner Brook, NF
A2H 3P2
785-2814/5014 FAX. 785-2042
Grade Level:Grade 7 Mathematics - Enrichment Group of Grade 6 Students
Number of Students10
Project Start and Finish Dates:March - June, 1997

  Project Overview

J. J. Curling Elementary is a K - 6 school with a population of 380 students. From the Grade 6 group of students, assessments were carried out last year and ten students were selected to be in an enrichment group. This enrichment group is doing the Grade 7 Mathematics curriculum rather than the regular Grade 6 Mathematics curriculum.

This project will combine the objectives and outcomes of both the Grade 7 Mathematics curriculum and the Technology Education. Students will be taught the various topics in the Statistics unit. They will then use real life situations to obtain data. While the type of data to be obtained will be determined by students, professional sports statistics are a likely source. Students will:

  1. Choose an area from which to retrieve data.
  2. Use the Internet to retrieve data.
  3. Retrieve statistics they wish to work with.
  4. Make various types of graphs from the data collected.
  5. Make assumptions and predictions based on their findings.
  6. Share, with others in the class, their data, graphs, etc. This will be done by using our Local Access Network.

  Project Goals

  1. To provide the opportunity for students to combine technology with their Mathematics curriculum.
  2. To encourage creativity through the use of technology.
  3. To increase awareness and interest in the topic of statistics.
  4. To enhance the learning of the objectives of the statistics unit in Mathematics.
  5. To facilitate learning through the use of technology.
  6. To improve the literacy skills of data gathering.

  Curriculum Connections


The following objectives are included in the Statistics unit in Grade 7 Mathematics. These objectives will be achieved through the students use of data obtained from real life situations and obtained through the Internet.

  1. Communicate the distinguish between:
    1. Sample and Population
    2. Biased and Unbiased Sampling
  2. Evaluate various means of data collection
  3. Read and make inferences for grouped and ungrouped data based on
    1. Frequency Tables
    2. Pictographs
    3. Bar Graphs
    4. Broken-line Graphs
  4. Construct, using grouped and ungrouped data:
    1. Frequency Tables
    2. Pictographs
    3. Bar Graphs
    4. Broken-line Graphs
  5. Read and interpret circle graphs
  6. Determine, by calculation and observation, the mean from:
    1. Raw Data
    2. A Frequency Table

Technology Education

This project will assist in the achievement of some of the outcomes identified in the Communications Domain of the outcomes for Technology Education.

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the nature of communications tools.
  2. Evaluate communications tools.
  3. Identify advantages and disadvantages of selected communications technologies.
  4. Use communications technology to build new knowledge.
  5. Use communications technology to create, modify, and disseminate information.


Students will illustrate their achievement of the stated objectives through:

  1. Writing a unit test on the Statistics Unit in Mathematics.
  2. Submission of a completed project.
  3. Show how to use the Internet.

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