Project 1: Cultural Exchange

General Information
Project Goals
Project Description
Future Actions To Be Taken

  General Information

Lead Teacher: Bill Butt (Language Enrichment Teacher)

Austin Simms (Corner Brook, NF)

School:J.J. Curling Elementary School
Woodbine Avenue
Corner Brook, NF
A2H 3P2
785-2814/5014 FAX. 785-2042
Grade Level:Grade 4, 5 Enrichment Group
Number of Students:8 to 10
Project Start and Finish Dates:Febuary - June 1997

  Project Goals

  • to use the Internet to communicate with other countries.
  • to give students a greater appreciation and understanding of their own culture as well as others.
  • to improve computer literacy of students.
  • to provide an enrichment activity for motivated students, to allow them to present their findings to their peer groups.
  Project Description

This project will be undertaken as an enrichment activity where students will attempt to twinwith a school in ZAIRE/NORWAY. After assembling a cultural profile of Newfoundland,which will include such things as Music, Literature, Art, etc. They will exchange same with the twin school.

After receiving this information, students will be expected to present it to class groups withinour school, then share it with other interested schools via Stem-Net and home pages.

This cultural exchange will integrate aspects of Language, Social Studies, Computer Technology and Public Speaking through interesting and informative communication with another country.

  Future Actions To Be Taken

  • Identify a study team in our school.
  • Make contact with a twin school in ZAIRE/NORWAY using the Internet.
  • Put together a Newfoundland cultural profile, then exchange with schools in ZAIRE/NORWAY.
  • Use Stem-Net to pass on the information to other schools in the Province.
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