Project 3: Global Education - Together We Can Change the World

General Information
Project Overview
Project Goals
Curriculum Connections
Learning Outcomes
Resource Connections

  General Information

Lead Teachers: Dianne Squarey

Josie Applin

Linda Borden

Wayne Simms

Doug Vatcher

School:Humber Elementary School
St. John's Avenue
Corner Brook, NF
A2H 2E5
Grade Level:Grades 4-6
Number of Students:10 - 20 fluctuating
Project Start and Finish Dates:January 97 - June 97

  Project Overview

Humber Elementary School received the GLOBAL SCHOOL designation last year 95 - 96. We decided to expose our students to this Model in an attempt to further enhance our School Improvement initiative, while broadening our students perspective regarding four global components:

  • International development
  • Environmental awareness and action
  • Peace education
  • Human rights

We are confident that our endeavours in this area have already given our students more exposure to these issues. We believe this is helping them begin to create an ability to look beyond themselves and local concerns, to include more global perspectives, while understanding the inter-relationship of the two - local & global.

Presently, we are initiating a global club for those students who have a great interest in these issues. Interaction/with other global clubs, province wide and beyond would be most beneficial.

  Project Goals

  1. To create an opportunity for students to share their thoughts and concerns regarding global issues.
  2. To learn about projects/actions initiated by other groups which might be useful for our students needs.
  3. To communicate with other GLOBAL CLUBS abut how they went about setting up their respective groups.
  4. To exchange information on various global focuses, and activities, provincially, nationally and internationally.
  5. To expand and enhance the global school concept through exchange of ideas and actions through the Internet.

  Curriculum Connections

Language Arts

Using resources online we hope to locate schools in our province, our country, or outside Canada, with whom to communicate. Writing objectives, as prescribed at each student's grade level, would be incorporated into such communication.

Social Studies

The (4) specific themes related to Global Education, which are human rights, environmental awareness, international development and conflict resolution are strong components of the Social Studies program at all levels (K - 6).


Issues regarding health care, accessibility, vaccination programs, hygienic living conditions are contained within the (K - 6) Health program.


Issues regarding tolerance, conflict resolution, concern for the human condition as well as the condition of the planet, helping those with great need are contained within the (K - 6) R.E. program.

  Learning Outcomes

  1. Develop an understanding of the nature of online communications and its limitations.
  2. Identify real life communication problem situations and opportunities.
  3. Use communications technologies as a tool for a variety of purposes.
  4. Explore ethical decision-making and intellectual honesty as factors in making technological choices.
  5. Use communications technologies to collaborate with students, teachers and others at a distance to gain understanding of problems and opportunities in production.
  6. Use communication tools to access, evaluate and select appropriate information, and to create, modify and disseminate information.
  7. Use communication technologies to build new knowledge from existing information.

  Resource Connections

At the present time, there is access to a single STEM-NOT computer at our school. Internet access throughout the school would greatly facilitate this project.


  • Students will link with other global clubs to share ideas, plans, concerns/actions.
  • Students will share their experiences/seek information using Language skills appropriate to their ability.
  • Students will develop action plans based on acquired information.
  • Students will gain proficiency in accessing information through Internet Technology.
  • Students will develop specific plans, regarding an issue of concern ((e.g.) Poverty) and initiate some action in response to the concern.

We believe in the Global School initiative which promotes/develops outward thinking people. The project can provide support to our students as we attempt to get our Global Club up and running by providing them with the opportunity to learn from others as well as to contribute their own thoughts to the responding schools.

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