Project 3: Communications Technology 2104/3104 (School - to - Work Transition Project)

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Jim Goodyear
School: Herdman Collegiate
P.O. Box 338
University Drive
Corner Brook, NF
A2H 6E3
Phone: (709) 634-6837
Fax: (709) 634-4762
Grade Level: Level I-III
Number of Students: 24
Project Start and Finish Dates: January 27, 1997 - June 18, 1997

  Project Overview

Herdman Collegiate is presently one of twenty sites across Canada participating in the School - to - Work Transition Project funded by Human Resources Canada. Students enrolled in the project must do two courses in Communications Technology including curriculum supplements prepared by the Sectoral Skills Council. The goal is to give students better entry level skills for the work force, in particular, the electronics/electrical sector. Curriculum implementation requires access to the Internet in order to fully maximize the student learning environment.


Major Course Goals Includes:

  • To develop an understanding of the technological and scientific principles applied in current and emerging communications methods, devices and systems.
  • To have the opportunity for practical application through hands-on activities with current and emerging communications methods, devices and systems.
  • To have the opportunity to explore interact and become confident with current communication technologies for networking, audio, graphics, and computer based animation.

  Resource Connctions

With the money provided by HRD for this project, we have equipped a technology lab with twelve networked computers, two printers and a fullpage scanner. The lab is full functional and ready for Internet access. Other resources include CD-ROMs, automation Control Labs, computer sound cards, video capture cards, video camera, animation and morphing software, CAD software and desktop publishing software. The STELLAR Schools Internet connection would allow students to utilise these resources to their fullest potential.


Students will be able to:

  • upload/download files
  • configure and use a news reader
  • collaborate online with another student/group on a simple project
  • demonstrate ability to post to news groups, send e-mail etc.
  • create a WWW Homepage
  • download audio and video files
  • create computer presentations using online resources
  • create and manage the school's WWW Homepage

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