Project 3: Geometry and Architectural Design

General Information
Project Overview
Curriculum Connections

  General Information

Project Leader(s): Ed Sheppard
School: G.C. Rowe Junior High School
St. John's Avenue
Corner Brook, NF
A2H 2E5
Internet Address:
Grade Level: Grade 8(60 students)
Project Start and Finish Dates March/April 1998

  Project Overview

Students in the eight grade study Euclidean Geometry as part of their geometry strand. The Internet can be used to enhance and emphasize the importance of geometric form and shape thus providing students with a meaningful reasons for studying this branch of mathematics. This stellar project can be used to illustrate the importance of acquiring knowledge which relates to the design and development of buildings, monuments, bridges and other structures. Students should be aware of the importance of geometry in the areas of cultural and artistic enhancement as well as design for the safety and security. Further, it extends knowledge and concepts included in the junior high science curriculum, particularly the unit "Structures and Design".

In this project, pairs of students will research the information highway of the Internet for information related to the above project. Students participating in this project will identify specific web sites and share this information with other classmates. There will be a focus on the importance, both present and historical, of the influence that such geometric forms as the circle & triangle have on society.

  Curriculum Connections

The grade eight mathematics course has the study of Euclidean Geometry as one of the several geometric topics.

Students will:

  • study geometry from a concrete perspective, using the Internet, as an introduction to the understanding of the properties of geometric shapes.
  • use the Internet to investigate sites relevant to the importance of geometric design.
  • record information regarding useful sites by using an anecdotal reference approach.
  • share with classmates information collected by compiling a class handout.
  • arrange information gathered in order of importance and usefulness.
  • Become comfortable with Internet research capabilities and mechanics such as entering the Internet, bookmarking, searching the web sites and exiting the sites.


  • Students study geometric shapes with respect to specific properties.
  • The curriculum emphasizes the importance of geometric shapes using photos and illustrations. The Internet can now become another area to investigate.
  • Students should employ different research avenues when studying mathematics.
  • Providing students with another avenue for study mathematics enhances the program and provides an interesting and meaningful means for motivation.


  • an antidotal reference list
  • a rating scale to indicate the importance of specific sites (students categorize their their observations)
  • a report entitles "Geometry - Why?"
  • a report which will be word processed.
  • a rating scale to indicate Internet competency.

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