Project 2: The Writers Network

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Jim Powell - Vice Principal

Clifford G. Reid - Network Administrator

Rendall Walters - English Department

School: Elwood Regional High School
P.O. Box 2004
Deer Lake, NF
A0K 2E0
Tel: (709) 635-2895
Grade Level: Level III
Number of Students: Advanced Writing Class & Language 3101
Project Start and Finish Dates: Jan 98 to June 98 (repeated annually)

  Project Overview

Students will have the opportunity to post their original pieces of writing in order to share with other writers and have their work critiqued by experienced editors.All genres of writing will be posted at varying stages of the writing process. Plays, poetry, short stories, essays, and a published School Newspaper will form the nucleus of the writing and the expectation will be that constructive criticism will follow.

In addition to being writers, students will also have the opportunity to experience the writing of other authors, and indeed, to become editors themselves. Students will become familiar with the Journalistic process and gain experience of the retrieval and sharing of information. Students will develop a unique journalistic style that will suit the purposes of Elwood.

  Curriculum Connections

This project should allow students the following opportunities:

- to become skilled and knowledgeable writers

- to become creative writers

- to become familiar with new thinking and composing strategies

- to follow a writing sequence

- to enhance critical and creative thinking strategies through self and peer assessment

- to enjoy writing

- to write in informative and interpretive styles

- to learn research techniques

- to apply solid research to a major project

- to publish a School Newspaper for a wide audience

  Resource Connections

All the students at Elwood have internet access. This project will provide those students in our school who have an interest and a flair for writing the kinds of literary experiences that are sometimes lacking in our more Rural settings. They will be guided and directed through the available technology so as to partake of a more global forum for their writing.

"The Writer’s Network" will enable our students to:

- search and locate databases such as writer’s online, libraries, and online tutorials

- use desktop publishing software to create and publish a Newspaper

- access and retrieve information that is current and media sensitive


Students in this project will:

- select various pieces of writing for posting

- develop an understanding of electronic posting

- critique and evaluate their own writing

- critique and evaluate the writing of others

- publish articles in Newspaper format

- apply appropriate and ethical writing skills

- approach writing with an attitude that respects the writer’s integrity

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