Project 3: Exploration

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Diane Jacobs

Sharleen Butler

Grade Level: Five
Number of Students 25 - 50
Project Start and Finish Dates: Jan. - June’98
  Project Overview

Goals of the Project:

- That children will discover the significance of archaeological study in recreating our past.

- Inherent in this will be their study of how archaeologists make and evaluate their discoveries as well as tools and methods used.

- Students will develop an appreciation of how our past has helped form the present.

Descriptive Summary:

Archaeology is the discovery and study of anything made or used by people. Archaeologists can recreate the past by studying artifacts, petroglyphs and pictographs. From these finds they can develop information regarding habits, beliefs and cultural details about people.

Internet Links:

- Smithsonian Virtual Museum - Hall of the Peoples Arctic Studies Center
- Paleontholgy: Cave Paintings, Vallon France
- Canadian Civilization
- Biblical Archaeology
- Explorer Home Page
- Becoming Involved in Archaeology

  Curriculum Connections

- Networks: Time Spinners/Writing & How
- Technology Education
- Language / Social Studies
- Resource Based Learning Unit to incorparate research skills, creative thinking, computer skills.

  Learning Outcomes

Can be divided into

- Technology
- Curriculum

Students will:

- realize significance of archaeological study.
- the relevance of archaeological study in our lives.
- become familiar with archaeological terms, artifacts, sherds, pictographs, petroglyphs, dig, grid, trowel, projectiles.
- reading and interpreting information.
- retrieving, analyzing and presenting information.

  Resource Connections

- CD-Rom
- Books


- Process Skills: have an understainding of Internet & Internet Services.
- ability to log on.
- ability to download.
- collate information.
- develop creative & critical thinking skills.
- compare archaelogical information on different sites.
- Post Test.
- Review of Goals with Learning Outcomes.

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