Project 2: A Northern Coastal Community - Nain

General Information
Project Overview
Curriculum Connections
Learning Outcomes
Resource Connections

   General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Christine Kelly - Special Needs Teacher

Eric Chaulk - Class Teacher

Melvin Rideout

Grade Level: Four
Number of Students 75
Project Start and Finish Dates: Feb. - June’98

   Project Overview

Goals of the Project:

  • Students will learn about children their age living in Nain.
  • Compare information given in text (19984) with Nain as it exists in 1997.
    - Learn about historical/cultural background of people in Nain.
    - Develop a respect for the values and difference lifestyles of the Inuit of Labrador.

    Descriptive Summary:

    - Project will help fulfil objectives of the Grade 4 Social Studies Unit on Nain.

    - Project is designed to extend student’s knowledge/understanding of the cultural and social dynamics of a small native community.

    Internet Links:

    - School in Nain - Grade 4 Students?
    - Communicate through use of E-Mail
    - Pictures of community?
    - Link to other native communities.

      Curriculum Connections

    - Social Studies
    - Language Arts - Writing / Logs / Reading, etc.
    - Art - Poster of Native traditions
    - Science - Landforms / Weather / Graphing
    - Math - Problem Solving, using data from the Community

      Learning Outcomes

    Student will:

    - Compare life in our community of Deer Lake with life in Nain (similarities/differences). Develop an understanding of native culture.
    - Compile a summary of "E-Mail" - i.e. Keep a log.
    - Sharing of pictures.

      Resource Connections

    - Camera / Videos?
    - Library Resources


    - reporting to class.
    - compile a class log re: E-Mail.
    - Post test.
    - Focus Group discussions on what they have learned.
    - Review of goals and learning outcomes.

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