Project 1: Rainforests

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Christine Kelly

Diane Parsons

Irene Wheeler

Grade Level: Three
Number of Students: 64 (2 Classes)
Project Start and Finish Dates: Mid Feb. - Mid May, 1998

  Project Overview

Goals of the Project:

- Find out first hand information about the rainforest.
- Compare animal life and climate with Newfoundland.
- Develop an understanding of culture

Descriptive Summary:

- Be paired with an age appropriate class located near a Rainforest.
- Communicate in English through E-Mail - exchange information.

Internet Links:

- E-Mail
- Search the Web
- Partner with other Schools in Rainforest areas

Other Information:

- This project was started in Grade 3 (1995-96) (Rainforest Theme). We hope to expand on this theme by using Internet.

  Curriculum Connections

- Language
- Science
- Social Studies
- Art

  Learning Outcomes

- Better communication skills.
- Learn (netiquette) how to communicate through E-Mail.
- Letter writing.
- To understand the value of rainforests.
- To understand how the rainforests affect us in Newfoundland.

  Resource Connections

- Videotape on Rainforest.
- Encarta CD Rom
- Dangerous Animals (CD Rom)
- Library Books
- Use of Insect Specialists (Dept of Forestry)


- Classroom Observation.
- Compile Class Log (re: E-Mail)
- Children’s Responses.
- Post-test.
- Survey of Students on what they liked about the project.
- Review of Objectives and Outcomes

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