Project 1: Communicating Communities

General Information
Project Overview

  General Information

Lead Teachers:Ruth Wellon - Classroom Teacher

Rosalind Parsons - Classroom Teacher

Gwen Rodway - Challenging Needs Teacher

Sylvia Pink - Learning Resources Teacher

School:C.C. Loughlin School
Citadel Drive
Corner Brook, NF
A2H 5M4
Grade Level:We will require 2 Grade 3 classes from 2 separate communities.
Number of Students:49 Grade 3 students

2 challenging needs students

Project Start and Finish Dates:Jan.'97 - May '97

  Project Overview

The Grade 3 Social Studies program emphasizes the similarities and differences among the communities in Nfld. and Labrador. In previous years the Grade 3 classes at C.C. Loughlin made contact with other communities through "the mail".

We would now like to correspond with other children in Nfld. & Labrador via e-mail. We want individual pen pals from a community that is quite different from our own. (Example, fishing, farming or mining). Via e-mail, they will share information:

  1. about themselves
  2. their school
  3. their community


  • To improve communication between schools in our Province
  • To broaden children's knowledge of other communities
  • To compare and contrast communities
  • To enhance the technical computer skills of our children
  • To improve communication skills
* We would also be willing to correspond with students in another Province or another Country


  • Compose and edit e-mail and reports using a word processing program
  • Upload and download e-mail messages
  • Describe at least three ways in which Corner Brook and another community are similar
       and three ways they are different

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