Project 1: "Canadian Connections"

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  General Information

Lead Teachers: Brenda Cornick, Principal/Grade 6 Teacher

Theresa Whelan - Grade 2 Teacher

Beverely Plowman - Grade 5 Teacher

School: St. Theresa's Elementary
P.O. Box 250
Port aux Choix, NF
A0K 4C0
Fax (709)861-3497
Grade Level: Grade Six
Number of Students: 32
Project Start and Finish Dates:March - May, 1997
  Project Overview

The Grade Six Social Studies Program is a study of our country - Canada. In this course, students examine the history and geography of the seven regions of Canada. This project would involve setting up links with various schools in each of the seven regions to exchange information in the areas that the region are examined in:

  1. landscape (including pictures, maps)
  2. climate
  3. resources & industries
  4. history
Students will challenge the above information as well as develop e-mail connections with students as "electronic penpals" to faciliate this exchange of information. They will add to this print information by using the scanner and digital camera to provide pictures and maps.


  1. To obtain current information on the seven regions of Canada through examining various communities in each region.
  2. To link students with other students of their own age in these regions to compare and contrast their lifestyle.
  3. To create a home page for our school with a link to our community home page where the above information could be readily available to other students across Canada.
  4. To develop computer literacy skills.

  Curriculum Connections

Social Studies:

The course studies in Grade Six is Our Country Canada. This provides direct information for this course which is more current than in any textbook and would 'bring the curriculum alive' for the students, as they interact with students their own age in other parts of Canada.

Language Arts:

The students will develop the skills emphasized in the Language Arts Program in this project. Reading for meaning and writing the various components of the project will be a major part of this project.

  Technology Education Outcomes

The Technology Education learning outcomes that are most applicable to this project are in the elementary level communication domain. They are:

     demonstrate knowledge of the basic communications principles of encoding/decoding,
       transmitting/receiving, storing/retrieving
     demonstrate knowledge of the nature and characteristics of a variety of media and
       communications systems
     identify and investigate real life communication problem solutions and opportunities
     identify ways in which information and communications technologies are used
     identify advantages and disadvantages of selected communications technologies
     develop communications technology as a tool for a variety of purposes
     use communications technology as a tool for a variety of purposes
     use communication tools to access, evaluate and select appropriate information, and
       to create, modify and disseminuate information

  Resource Connections

Currently in our school there is access to the Internet through one computer. Internet access across the network in our resource center would greatly faciliate this project. We intend to use the scanner and digital camera at Roncalli Central High School to provide pictures, maps & photos of our area for this project.


     Students will communciate with other students in Canada
     Students will develop literacy skills in reading and writing
     Students will gain knowledge of the other regions of Canada
     Students will develop Computer Literacy Skills

This project will allow our Grade Six students to have a greater sense of the vastness & diversity of our country while developing an appreciation of the common characteristics which makes us all Canadian.

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