Project 3: Project Dinosaurs

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  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Rona Hewlin

Jackie Froude

School:St. Anthony Elementary
P.O. Box 399
St. Anthony, NF
A0K 4S0
(709) 454-8324
Grade Level:Grade Two
Number of Students: 60
Project Start and Finish Dates:Feb. 1/98 to Apr. 9/98

  Project Overview

In this project, students will locate where specific dinosaurs once lived. They will use the Internet to find where this dinosaur lived and some information regarding this dinosaur.

Groups of 2-3 students will be given a dinosaur to research. Each group will map where that particular dinosaur lived and write two interesting facts about that dinosaur.

  Curriculum Connections

  1. Science
  2. Language Arts
  3. Social Studies


- to identify areas where certain dinosaurs once lived

- to identify certain characteristics about specific dinosaurs

- to develop an awareness of mapping skills

- to use research skills to complete a project

- to use the Internet to find information

- to write two facts based on information

- to use a number of sources to find information

- to present information to the entire class

  Technology Education Outcomes

Students will conduct research via the computer/Internet and use a word processor to complete this project. More specifically students will be able to:

  1. Use a word processor to:
    - create a new document

    - save a document on a storage disk

    - edit document (e.g. spell check, format, etc...)

    - print document
  2. Find the information by using software such as Grolier
  3. Access the Internet to obtain information by:
    - conducting net searches

    - downloading and/or printing files

  Resource Connections

Benefits of STELLAR School Internet connections:

As students and teachers search for new and creative ways to obtain current information, it is our belief that the STELLAR School Internet connections will greatly facilitate and enhance their efforts. By using the Internet and browsing the world-wide we b, students will be getting current information.

Other Resources

  1. CD ROM - Grolier

  2. Films/Videos


Evaluation Procedures:

  1. The ability to use mapping skills
  2. Writing - The recording of facts
  3. Oral presentation of information found

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