Project 3: "Business, the School and the World"

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  General Information

Lead Teacher:Don Tulk
Grade Level:level II-III
Number of Students:25
Project Start and Finish Dates:Jan 1997 - June 1997
  Project Overview

Students in communications technology 2104 will work in groups of two and have business clients in the community assigned to these students. The objective is for these students to help these businesses become aware of the benefit of the internet. The students will assist, train and help these businesses. In a small rural community the need for business to stay competitive is important for the viability of the community and or the business. This project will assign two students to a local business to assist them in the preparation for "new" business environment.

  Curriculum Connections

     Communication is everyone's business here we use the communication class and the
       school's technology to help our local business.
     Students will learn skills from these businesses about the services they provide.
     Businesses will narrow the gap between school and the community.
     Partnerships will hopefully be formed between the school and the local businesses.
     Other resources may include local agencies (i.e. Chamber of Commerce, Local Zone
       boards, etc.)


Evaluation will come from the teacher, the businesses, and the students. Feedback from the people involved will be the best method of evaluation.

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