Project 2: "Current Events"

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  General Information

Lead Teacher:Don Tulk
Grade Level:level I-III
Number of Students:25
Project Start and Finish Dates:December 1996 - June 1997
  Project Overview

The Project will involve the Canadian Issues class 1101. The students with use of the internet will keep up to date current events that effect Canadians through out this country they live in. The students are anticipating an election in the spring of 1997 and the students want to be able to "watch" the events as they break. The students as well want to partake in the election campaign by e-mailing their thoughts to election candidates and maybe participate in online activities that will occur during the election.

  Curriculum Connections

     Learning Canadian Issues as it unfolds
     Area of up to date current events.
     Students taking an active role in Canadian society.
     Students will download information.
     Students will e-mail local and federal MHA's and MP's.


     Sudents will answer 5 questions 3 times a week on current events and have those
       questions corrected and evaluated by other students in the classroom.
     Current events will be quized on all exams in the subject area.
     The impact of the project will be evaluated by the students and the teacher on an
       ongoing process. The knowledge of the material, class presentations and the desire to
       be a part of the project will be good measures of success.

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