Project 1: "Cyberstaff"

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  General Information

Lead Teacher:Don Tulk
Grade Level:7-12
Number of Students:20-30
Project Start and Finish Dates:December 1996 - June 1997
  Project Overview

Project Cyberstaff will be a group of students that are there to help people in the school and the community to learn about technology. The staff will start by putting on our server Roncalli's homepage for a starting web site for school to access the Internet. The homepage will be an on line newspaper that will be put there and maintained by the members of Cyberstaff. Along with the newspaper there will be things like meet the staff, hello to the community, students great web, assignments and comments from teachers.

  Curriculum Connections

The curriculum will include such areas as English, art and public speaking - as in - presentation/training.

The learned outcomes:

     Students will design a web page.
     Students will maintain a web page.
     Students will show other students and teachers how to use other technology in the
       school (i.e. digital camera, scanner, etc.)


Cyberstaff will be evaluated on the number of students, teachers and community it trains from Dec. - June. The project could also be evaluated on the number of contests it enters and the excitement it causes in school. It will cause great interest in the school in all subject areas.

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