Project 2: Writers’ Network

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Ray Brown, Grade 6 teacher

Hubert Wiseman, Social Studies teacher

Lorne Penney

Neva Beaupre

Gloria House

School: Ralph Harnum Memorial
P.O. Box 58
Hawkes Bay, NF.
A0K 3B0
Grade Level: Grade 3-7
Number of Students: 80 students
Project Start and Finish Dates: January, 1998 to June, 1998

   Project Overview

Writers’ Network is a project that has already been started on Stem~Net. Our school will get involved in this project.

We plan to have our grade 3 - 7 classes involved in this project.

Classroom teachers will work with students during Language Arts classes. Poetry and other types of creative writing will be posted to the Writers’ Network Home page.

The goals of our project coincide basically with the goals of the original Writers’ Network. They include:

  • To help students develop an understanding of the role of language in communication.
  • To develop students creative and critical thinking skills.
  • To create school and classroom environments which will motivate and encourage children to use and produce written language.
  • To use writing as a tool that deepens and extends imagination, intellect and emotion.

  Curriculum Connections

This project obviously ties into the area of Language Arts and has implications for all the Language Arts outcomes. The listening, speaking, and writing areas covered by the Language Arts program. would be enhance by this project.

Communications Technology

This project will be connected to the following learning outcomes in the area of Communications Technology:

  • The production of a variety of student writing representing a cross section of genres and grade levels.
  • Participating in an online peer editing program.
  • The exchange of ideas and opinions among students online.

  Resource Connections

Through the Stellar Schools connection students will be able to post their articles and writings to the news groups of the Writers’ Network. They will be able to use their home page to read and respond to articles that have been posted by other students throughout the province. They will be able to download articles and other writing as well as give feedback to other student’s writing.

Our school has a digital camera and the associated software, so we would easily be able to include pictures with our postings. With the use of a flatbed scanner we would be able to upload graphics along with our writings.

We already have a computer network established in our school and all that is required is to upgrade our hardware. With this necessary hardware provided by our School Board and with a direct connection to Stem~net through the local node at Roncalli High School in Port Saunders, we have the necessary resources to maintain and participate in this project.


Through the usual writing process of editing and revising and publishing work, teachers will evaluate students writing. We will also monitor their use of the Internet and evaluate the success of this project in terms of Internet usage and feedback from the Writers’ Network.

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