Project 2: Canada in the Internet

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  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Truman Coates
School:Harriet Curtis Collegiate
P.O. Box 219
St. Anthony, NF
A0K 4S0
(709) 454-3120/8414
Grade Level:Grade 9
Number of Students: 50-60
Project Start and Finish Dates:Feburary/March 1997

  Project Overview

Students will use the Internet to explore various websites which pertain to Canadian provinces. The information will be used to compare individual provinces in specific areas such as land use, population density and distribution etc. This information will be collated and analyzed. Students will then prepare reports using these analyses. Also, students will then prepare reports using these analyses. Also, students will prepare statistical reports (graphs etc.) using this information.

  Curriculum Connections

This project will be used within the context of the grade nine social studies course. The project continues the approach of resource-based learning already used in this course.

Intended learning outcomes include:

- the production of student reports using Internet source material

- the exchange of ideas and opinions among students

- the development of critical thinking skills

Learning outcomes related to Technology Education

- an opportunity to identify real life communication problem situations and opportunities

- identify ways in which information and communications technologies are used

- use communications technologies to build new knowledge existing information

  Resource Connections

The use of the Windows NT network will allow the Internet signal to be distributed to all connected computers.

Other resources include:

- CD-ROM programs

- various print materials


- Students will improve written and oral communication skills
- Students will create a database of information about the provinces of Canada.
- Students will explore source of information on technological issues that arise from the grade nine social studies course

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