Project 1: Global Trade Patterns

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  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Lisa Field
School:Harriet Curtis Collegiate
P.O. Box 219
St. Anthony, NF
A0K 4S0
(709) 454-3120/8414
Grade Level:Senior High - Level III
Number of Students: 15-20
Project Start and Finish Dates:Feburary/March 1997

  Project Overview

Students will use information from various websites including Industry Canada to access trade statistics relating to Canada and other countries. This information will be collated and cross-referenced to develop ,models which show trade patterns, types of imports/exports, and other pertinent information. Students will then prepare reports to show the global economic forces which affect and influence trade between Canada and other nations.

  Curriculum Connections

Although specifically centered around the Global Economics 3103 course, this project continues the general trend toward resource-based learning.

Intended learning outcomes include:

- production of student writing that synthesizes and analyzes information from websites

- exchange of ideas and opinions between students

Learning outcomes related to Technology Education:

- identify ways in which information and communication technologies are used

- identify advantages and disadvantages of communication technologies

- use communication technologies to revise existing print information

  Resource Connections

The use of the Windows NT network will allow the Internet signal to be distributed to all connected computers.

Other resources include:

- CD-ROM programs

- various print materials


- Students will develop skills in accessing information using communication technologies. This would include the use of the various search engines (Yahoo, Excite, etc.) that are currently available.
- Students will create a database of trade statistics for Canada and other countries.

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