Project 1: Canadian Connections

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Glen Coates

School: Upper Gullies Elementary
P.O. Box 70
Upper Gullies, NF
A0A 4C0
Tel: (709) 744-3141
Fax: (709) 744-2283
Grade Level: Grade 6
Number of Students: Grade six classes will be participating in this project - the total number of students is approximately 60.
Project Start and Finish Dates: The project begins in September 1998. No end date has been set.

  Project Overview

The Grade 6 Social Studies program looks at Canada by dividing the country into six (6) regions. In each of these regions, a community is looked at in detail, as a representative town of that region.

This project proposes an Internet connection with each of the six towns highlighted. The connection would probably start by connecting with a school, but would not be limited to just the school. Other institutions in the community could be contacted as well. Through direct dialogue and sharing, our grade six students would achieve an understanding of their communities far beyond that which would be achieved by studying the material in the text.

  Curriculum Connections

  • Social Studies
  • Writing
  • Map Skills

Learning Outcomes:

Department of Education Learning Outcomes Project Links
1. A knowledge and appreciation of our country's vastness, resources and diversity of cultures 1. Compare differences due to the physical distance between us and these towns
2. A sense of personal identification with Canadians throughout the nation 2. Would be able to compare commonalities and differences.
3. A knowledge of the way of living of people in different regions of Canada. 3. Would be able to compare ways of living.
4. A knowledge of the different regions of Canada, their interdependence and distinctiveness 4. Discuss how they depend on us and we on them.

Technology Education Learning Outcomes Project Links
1. Collaborate with distant students and teachers on control projects and problems 1. Compare common and different problems in each community.
2. Demonstrate a knowledge of the nature and characteristics of a variety of media communication systems 2. Compare the effectiveness of various forms of communication
3. Develop a vocabulary of terminology and language related to selected communications technologies. 3. To be aware of and use the terminology used in Internet communications
4. To work effectively in several communications media. 4. Use of print, pictures, charts, etc.

  Resource Connections

The connection would provide for immediate, accurate and up-to-date sharing of information between us and the region being studied.

Various maps of the region in question and books and other resources related to the region would supplement the connection.


Expected Date Outcome or Milestone Date Achieved
Spring '98 Contact with Kingston March '98
Spring '98 Contact with Iroquois Falls April '98
Spring '98 Contact with Portage La Prairie May '98
Spring '98 Contact with Kamloops June '98
Following Year Contact with each of 6 regions June

Part of the project would involve sharing web pages, students writing to individual students in an e-mail forum, sharing local news, weather, etc. Students will correspond with questions and answers based upon what they have read. Also at the end of each region, evaluation would include a summary of things learned through the connection about each region.

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