Project 3: Writers' Network

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): M. Ryan Gorner
School: Topsail Elementary
P.O. Box 242
Topsail, C.B.S.
St. John's, NF A0A 3Y0
Tel: (709) 834-2968/2103
Grade Level: Grades 5
Number of Students: 30 students
Project Start and Finish Dates: Sept., 1997 - June, 1998

  Project Overview

Our Grade 5's will write poetry and create accompanying illustrations.

These can then be shared with Intranet partners within the school - asking for written responses to their work.

Because Newfoundland is the focus of the Grade 5 Social Studies program, we will try to find penpals in other Newfoundland communities.

Hopefully, these students will respond to our works and perhaps will send works of their own.

The Topsail poetry and art will then be "published" on the Internet via our school's homepage showing our children that they are indeed already authors and illustrators - and that they can share their creations with a variety of audiences.

  Curriculum Connections

Curriculum Areas Relating to the Project:

  • Language Arts
  • Art
  • Technology

  Technology Education Learning Outcomes

Department of Education
Learning Outcomes
Project Links Start
1. Express personal opinions 1. Write poetry and/or stories Sept June
2. Write for a variety of audiences 2. Share writing with teachers, classroom peers and Internet partners Sept June
3. Engage in the stages of writing 3. Brainstorm web ideas, draft, write, edit, publish and edit on-line Sept June
4. Make visual images based on experiences and interests 4. Create a visual image to reflect their own written piece Sept June


Technology Education
Learning Outcomes
Project Links Start
1. Develop vocabulary of terms and language 1. Throughout the project students will be exposed to such terms as: modem, Netscape, e-mail, homepage, HTML language, newsgroups Sept June
2. Use drawing technology when communicating ideas 2. Will use a scanner to scan art designs which will accompany written pieces Sept June
3. Use a variety of communication technologies and tools 3. HTML and Netscape will be used to publish an on-line version of student work Sept June


  • experiencing the entire writing process of brainstorming, first/second drafts, editing/revision and the final copy.
  • overview of this technical version of the shared reading / shared writing experience.
  • design of art work to accompany the written pieces.
  • successful use of searching skills and e-mail.
  • learning to write appreciative and appropriate responses to other student's writing and art.
  • publication of efforts via an Intranet and the Internet.
  • co-operative learning groups.
  • teacher observations.
  • student evaluations.
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