Project 2: Winter Scavenger Hunt

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): A.C. Guest

M. Ryan Gorner

S. Gavell

School: Topsail Elementary
P.O. Box 242
Topsail, C.B.S.
St. John's, NF A0A 3Y0
Tel: (709) 834-2968/2103
Grade Level: Grades 4-6
Number of Students: 80 students
Project Start and Finish Dates: Dec., 1997 - Feb., 1998

  Project Overview

The purpose of this project is to look at the relationship between "winter" and human activity.

Students at the elementary level will visit the LAB over a period of several months. They will use the Internet to explore one geographical location from their Social Studies program.

Grade 4 - Newfoundland
Grade 5 - Norway
Grade 6 - Quebec

Questions designed by teachers will form the "scavenger hunt" activity, with care taken to choose preselected links which are accurate and up to date.

We will look at sites displaying weather, government information, language, tourism, flight information, winter activities - choices, costs, reservations (e.g., Quebec City Winter Carnival.)

The questions and level of independence needed will become more advanced as we move from Grade 4 to Grade 6.

In future this activity can be expanded to include investigations of human activity for the other three seasons in other geographical location. These could also be offered to enrichment group for design.

  Curriculum Connections

Curriculum Areas Relating to the Project:

  • Social Studies

  Technology Education Learning Outcomes

Department of Education
Learning Outcomes
Project Links Start
1. Locate Newfoundland, Canada and selected communities of the world 1. Using the Internet, students will research various sites to locate Newfoundland, Quebec and Norway Dec Feb
2. Analyze how people interact with their physical environment to create their social environment 2. Working through the proposed questions in the Scavenger Hunt, the students will see how Winter influences human activity Dec Feb


Technology Education
Learning Outcomes
Project Links Start
1. Technology Literacy 1. Students will be exposed to & expected to use such items as: modems, Netscape, Internet sites, homepage and search engines Dec Feb
2. Technology Impact

Identify advantages and disadvantages of selected communication technologies

2. Students will critically evaluate the Internet - it's advantages & disadvantages as they use search engines, web sites, electronic data banks - learning to scan, evaluate and choose appropriate & accurate information in the Winter Scavenger Hunt. Dec Feb
3. Technology Communications 3. Students will be introduced to some search engines in the teaching of this unit. Dec Feb
4. Technology Communications 4. Students will follow links to preselected sites to locate the answers to the Winter Scavenger Hunt. Dec Feb


  • formulation of possible research questions
  • following directions in working with the Internet
  • written responses to the Scavenger Hunt questions
  • inclusion of the activity and/or results into our school's homepage
  • the design of appropriate questions and accurate links of enrichment projects
  • co-operative learning groups
  • student self-evaluations
  • teacher observations
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