Project 3: Penpals Online

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Cindy Ryan
School: St. Peter's Primary
Munden Drive
Mount Pearl, NF
A1N 2T5
Grade Level: Grade 7
Number of Students: French Immersion: 31

Core French: 54

Project Start and Finish Dates: Feb. 1998 - June 1998

  Project Overview

Students from grade 7 French Immersion and Core French classes at St. Peter's Elementary will communicate with French speaking students from different parts of the world. They will use the Internet to find these students and then use e-mail to exchange information to their penpals online. Some students will also be responsible further development of the school student page in order to inform the world of what is happening at St. Peter's Elementary.

  Curriculum Connections

  • French Immersion / Core French
  • Technology Education

Current technology will provide our students with the opportunity to make others aware of the varied aspects of our culture, as well as become more aware of the French culture that is so much apart of the language they are learning in the classroom.

Learning Outcomes

  • use the Internet to find and communicate with other students
  • use video conferencing to communicate orally in French to other students
  • use Netscape Gold to create to create, publish and maintain web pages
  • use a digital camera to place pictures of themselves, their school and community on their web pages as well as send them to other students through e-mail
  • use a video camera and microphone for video conferencing
  • to foster a cultural awareness of themselves as well as their French speaking counterparts


Students will be evaluated throughout the project on being able to do the following tasks:

  • maintain the web site after it is published
  • send e-mail including attachments
  • change position and size of images on the web site
  • use a digital camera, download photos, include them on the web site and send them to people via e-mail
  • create a page for a web site and link it to the appropriate page(s)
  • save backgrounds and images and incorporate them on the web site

Students would be required to keep a journal that could account for new vocab words in French as well as new technical skills.

The project will broaden the students minds culturally and technically, which could only result in more positive feelings towards the French language and culture as well as their school. Students enthusiasm for technology would also be associated with French, which consequently helps them see their own potential for the future.

Feedback from visitors to the web site would play a role in evaluation as students should find out what others really like or find confusing.

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