Project 1: Cabot Communication Across the Atlantic

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  General Information

Lead Teachers:Mrs. Gladys Barrington

Mrs. Margie Cahill

Mrs. Colleen Calcutt

Mrs. Carol O'Dea

Ms. Paula Redmond

Grade Level:Grade 5
Number of Students:77
Project Start and Finish Dates:January - March, '97

  Project Overview

Students from the Grade 5 classes will be twinned with Whitehouse Primary School in Bristol, England. They will be responsible for researching local Cabot 500 activities and reporting this information to their twinned school.

In order to do this, students will be required to research such resources as newspaper articles, jot note important information, and relay this data to their twin school. This information will be communicated through the use of e-mail and letter writing.

  Curriculum Connections

Social Studies

Our program covers Newfoundland. Some of the key concepts dealt with are history, culture, and resources. The Cabot 500 is a celebration of the discovery of Newfoundland and its cultural heritage. In communicating with the twinned school, our students will make others aware of the varied aspects of our culture. In doing so, we will become more aware of the common bond we share with the students in England through our connection with John Cabot. By sharing these ongoing activities, we will, in essence, be continuing the making of history that Cabot forged so long ago.

Language Arts

The project will develop skills in -

     collecting newspaper articles
     jot noting important data from their research
     summarizing information
     writing a friendly letter

Learning Outcomes

Students will learn to -

     jot notes
     write a friendly letter
     summarize information from newspaper articles
     to identify current affairs
     restate current affairs

  Resource Connections

The students will need access to the Internet to obtain and send information via e-mail.

Other Resources -

     local newspaper
     local news (radio and television)


We will evaluate the students on their acquisition of skills previously listed in the section on Learning Outcomes. The students will keep a file of pertinent information, jot notes and copies of their letter writing. This file will form part of the evaluation. Teacher observation will also be a component of this evaluation. We hope that this project will heighten the awareness of the students of both schools with regard to Cabot's discovery and its impact on Newfoundland and England.

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