Project 2 - Writers' Network

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Wendy Flood

Millie Hayley

School: St. Mary's Elementary School
124 Waterford Bridge Rd.
St. John's, NF
A1E 1C9
Tel: (709) 753-9892
Fax: (709) 753-9220
Grade Level: 6
Number of Students: 34
Project Start and Finish Dates: Feb 1998 - June 1998

  Project Overview

The Writers' Network and "Windows: Newfoundland and Labrador's Young Writers" together form a project to foster excellence in student writing within all grades and communities of the province, to develop computer literacy and critical thinking skills, and to connect young people from all around Newfoundland and Labrador through their common love of writing. St. Mary's wishes to join the project.

The project will allow St. Mary's students to post their original writing to one of the Writer's Network three student news groups. They will have the opportunity to read the postings of other students and send constructive criticims to form a thread.

Once students receive this feedback from peers they can edit their work and post a final version to the news group.


  • to help develop in each child an understanding of self and others and an appreciation of the crucial role of language to that understanding
  • create classroom and school enviroments which will motivate and encourage children to use and produce language
  • develop students' creative and critical thinking skills
  • to use writing as a tool that deepens and extends imagination, intellect and emotion

  Curriculum Connections

Language Arts
  • develop reading and writing skills
  • online and oral communication
  • participation in an online peer editing program
  • to produce a variety of student writing representing a cross section of genres
  • the exchange of ideas and opinions among participants
  • the production of a quality student magazine online and in print biannually
  • use of graphics
  • preparation of cartoon articles, caricatures and other artwork to compliment the writing

Learning Outcomes:

The Stellar Schools Internet connection will enable students to:
  • post their own articles to the newsgroups of the Writers' Network
  • use the Writers' Newtwork Homepage to read and respond to articles that have been posted by other students from around the province
  • read responses to their own opsted aticles and re-post a final version based on criticisims recieived to the approproate Writers' Network news group
  • prepare graphoce omages to accompany articles that are selected for Window: Newfoundland and Labrador's Young Writers
  • use HTML and Netscape to publish an online version of the Windows journal
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