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  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Kyran Dwyer

Beth Power

School: St. Kevin's Elementary School
P. O. Box 700
Goulds, NF A1S 1G7
Tel: (709) 745-8980
Fax: (709) 745-1151
Grade Level: 8
Number of Students: 90 - 100
Project Start and Finish Dates: April 1998 - June 1998
  Project Overview

Canada is a bilingual country and we believe it is important for our students to get as much exposure to the French language and culture as possible. It is our goal with this project to promote the use of French in practical day-to-day communication. This project will give the students the chance to develop their reading and writing skills in French through the use of the Internet.


  • To promote the use of French by communicating with French schools.
  • To promote Newfoundland culture to other French-speaking areas of Canada and the world.
  • To create an awareness within our students of French-speaking areas within Canada and the rest of the world.
  • To develop students' knowledge of French by teaming with French schools and communicating via E-mail and video camera.
  • To develop school newspapers in French/English that can be placed on the school web site, to be utilized by other schools of both languages.
  • To develop a database of French students that could be used as key pals.
  • To serve as a means of building a bridge between our students and French students throughout the world.

  Curriculum Connections


Using resources online, such as SchoolNet, Web 66 and other collections of web sites, we hope to locate schools in French Canada and in other French areas around the world. It is our intention to incorporate this online communication into our French program using reading, writing and comprehension objectives appropriate to the level of our students. It states in the program of studies that one of the primary purposes of French is to learn about the Francophone way of life. It also says that "cultural understanding is an inherent part of the day-to-day operation of the program".

Social Studies:

This project will give the students exposure to other parts of the world. France is also one of the areas covered in the Grade 8 Social Studies program. Through the use of computers, the students would build their knowledge of economic, social, and political issues in France. They could increase their knowledge of map skills.

Language Arts:

This project would help students in their development of reading and written comprehension skills. It would also help students in research areas by exposing them to Internet research and the tools available through the use of computers.

Technology Education:

The Technology Education learning outcomes that are most applicable to this project are in the area of elementary level communication:

  • understanding of the nature of online communications and its limitations.
  • ability to identify real life communication problem situations and opportunities.
  • ability to identify ways in which information and communications technologies are used.
  • identification of advantages and disadvantages of selected communications technologies.
  • development of a vocabulary of terminology and language related to the selected communication technology.
  • use of the language and terminology when solving technological problems and when describing their solutions to others.

  Resource Connections

Internet Connection:

  • An Internet server to store WWW pages.
  • Computer systems capable of running WWW software.

Other Resources:

  • Digital camera and scanner. We hope to purchase these very soon.


  1. Students will link with other schools and students in French areas throughout the world using online communications to share their interests and experiences.
  2. Students will develop literacy in French through these communications experiences.
  3. Students will create a database of French schools on the Internet and French students.

This project can provide valuable motivation for English students learning French in a Core French program. We also hope to increase the level of interest in French language and culture.

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