Project 2: Current Affairs (World History 3201)

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Jerry Collins (Teacher)

Dave O’Keefe (Technology Education)

School: St. John Bosco School
P.O. Box 150, Shea Heights
St. John's, NF
A0A 1J0
Tel: (709) 753-8850
Grade Level: Level II & III
Number of Students: 20
Project Start and Finish Dates: September 1997-June 1998

  Project Overview

The purpose of this project is to acquaint students with the World Wide Web and the tremendous source of information which is available to them on current affairs, especially those issues with national and international implications.There will be one teacher involved with a class of approximately 20 students. Students will be broken into 10 groups, each of which will research one of the following possible topics:

  1. Canadian Unity
  2. Peacekeeping in Bosnia
  3. Role of the United Nations
  4. Overfishing
  5. United States Presidential Election
  6. Peacekeeping in Haiti
  7. Cuban-American Relations
  8. Censorship on the Internet
  9. Human Rights
  10. Olympic Games in Atlanta

All students will do the research and make a presentation to the class via overhead projection panel. There will be two presentations - one in each of the two semesters. This approach will keep the topics current and provide all the students with an opportunity to acquire valuable skills.

  Curriculum Connections

The learning outcomes of the project which are related to Technology Education are listed below.

Students will learn how to:
- use a variety of research materials
- evaluate possible sources of information
- maximize the information on the Internet
- formulate better questioning techniques on the Internet
- down load to a disk or print a hard copy

Some of the more specific skills that students will learn include:

  1. How to log on to the Internet and more specifically Netscape
  2. How to use the search feature
  3. How to search the Web using the following:
    1. Yahoo Directory
    2. EINet Galaxy
    3. Lycos Searcher
    4. The WebCrawler
  4. How to use bookmarks for future reference
  5. How to contact other people on the Internet through e-mail
  6. How to down load to a disk or print a hardcopy
  7. How to write footnotes and bibliography for sources on the Internet
  8. How to access a specific web site
  9. How to access material at Memorial University
  10. How to access News groups
  11. How to speed up Netscape

  Resource Connections

The following Web Sites are just examples of some which can be used to keep students abreast of current affairs:

YAHOO is a web site which contains information in the following areas:

Business and Economy
Computers - Internet

News -Daily and Current Events

Social Science
Society & Culture

CNN Interactive or CNN Interactive is a web site which contains very current information on current affairs related mainly to American and international affairs. Students should be able to use this site in conjunction with Channel 25.

CBC is a web site which will give students a truly Canadian perspective on national and international affairs. It would be very interesting for students to compare the American and Canadian treatment of a particular issue. For example, the trade embargo imposed by the United States on Cuba has Canadian implications.

Under this site, teachers and students can access Newslink.

Newslink comes with teacher guides and appropriate questions to properly guide students through the topic of different interests and abilities.

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