Project 1: Canadian Provinces

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Barbara Moores - Grade 5 teacher

Ron Parrott

School: St. George's Elementary School
P.O. Box 670
Long Pond, NF
A1W 1N2
Grade Level: Grade 5
Number of Students: 23
Project Start and Finish Dates: School Year 1997

  Project Overview

Students from Grade 5 learn about elements that comprise Canadian Provinces as a social and economic unit and of the dynamics of community living. They begin with their own community and branch out.

Their goal is to interact via the Internet with students from their Province and with students from other parts of Canada.

Students will use the Internet to research information about their country. They will download images and print out this information. This material will be used in a collection of writing. Our students will also communicate with other schools throug hout the country to get information about how they live and play in their own communities.

  Curriculum Connections

This project makes the following curriculum connections:

Social Studies:

Students will:
  • develop an understanding of how geographic factors influence living in various regions of Newfoundland and Labrador;
  • gain a knowledge of our history and a pride in our history and culture;
  • gain a knowledge and appreciation of our human resources and the resources of land and sea;
  • gain an understanding that patterns of life change and are changing continually as a result of increased knowledge and scientific and technological advances.

Language Arts:

Students will:
  • read and interpret information from the Internet; use oral communication for reporting and discussing; and write notes, summaries and reports;
  • use Library Research Skills, including gathering and organizing information from various sources including the Internet, note taking and presentation;
  • use Co-operative Group Work Skills, including organizing group projects, collaborating, and taking turns at leadership.

This project fits in with the overall curriculum plans at St. George's in that it is structured to meet the overall goal of responsible and effective citizenship within demographic communities. Four major categories of goals contribute to this overall pu rpose. They are:

  • knowledge
  • demographic principles, beliefs and values
  • skills
  • social and civic participation

  Project Outcomes

  • develop specific communications technology skills
  • access, evaluate and create information
  • communicate with others locally and at a distance using technology
  • develop writing, editing and publishing skills

  Technology Education Learning Outcomes

This project supports the graduation learning technological competence and is related to the general curriculum outcomes for the province. Nature of Technology, Technological Impart, Technological Literacy and Technological Communication.

<  Resource Connections

The Stellar Schools Internet Connection is vital to the success of this project in order to allow students to access schools in Canada.

Access to the Internet at St. George's is currently restricted to one computer which is located in the Resource Room. Having Internet access available through the Windows NT server would enable our Grade 5 students to make use of other computers througho ut the school.

St. George's has a Local Area Network (LAN) set up so that students will be able to write using an HTML editor, and have their work read by all students in the school as well as school web pages for viewing on the Internet.

  Other Resources:

  • Assorted information books on Canada
  • Print and Electronic Encyclopedia
  • Atlases/Maps/Globes
  • Color Hand Scanner
  • Overhead Projection Panel for use with Computer
  • Video Camera
  • Windows NT/Windows 95 LAN with 1 server and 17 workstations


  • Checkports and observations using checklist
  • Group individual conferences
  • The Learning Outcomes will be used to determine the Level of achievement by the grade 5 students as well as anecdotal records of student work and observation by the teachers involved.

This project will demonstrate to students at St. George's, via the LAN, the opportunity to see what possibilities for creating new areas of investigation that enrich students current knowledge in important curriculum areas.

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