Project 2: Owls

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Kim Short

Lynn Gibbons

School: Roncalli Elementary
130 Airport Heights Drive
St. John's, NF
A1A 4Z7
Tel: (709) 576-4731
Fax: (709) 576-0087
Grade Level: Grade 4
Number of Students: 30 students
Project Start and Finish Dates: April, 1998 - June, 1998

  Project Overview

The purpose of this project is to enhance children’s knowledge of the habitat, appearance, food, and enemies of various species of owls.

Students will engage in activities across the curriculum as they learn about owls.

Students will use the Internet to search for information about owls. Teachers will take care in choosing the appropriate links that are accurate and up to date on this topic. We will look at websites containing research information. Genres of literature, authors and geographical sites pertaining to owls.

  Curriculum Connections

3.1 Main Curriculum Areas Relating to the Project:

Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics, Art, Science

3.2 In column one list one or more appropriate Department of Education Learning Outcomes. In column two describe how the outcomes of your project fulfill the curriculum requirements.

Department of Education Learning Outcomes

Project Links

1. Students will be able to select, read, and view with understanding a range of Literature information, media and visual tasks. 1. Using the Internet, students will research various sites to locate information.
2. Students will be able to interpret select and combine information using a variety of strategies, resources and technologies. 2. Students will use basic materials and database research and electronic media searches.
3. Students will be able to use a range of strategies to develop effective writing and other ways of representing and to enhance their clarity and precision and effectiveness. 3. Students will select, organize and combine relevant information about owls with assistance from a variety of websites to construct and communicate meaning.
4. 4.

3.3 In column one list the appropriate Department of Education Technology Education Outcomes. In column two describe how the outcomes of your project satisfy the curriculum requirements.

Technology Education
Learning Outcomes

Project Links

1. Please see above. Their are obvious technology learning outcomes cross linked between here and their. 1.
2. Students will create text collaboratively and independently using a variety of forms for a range of audiences and purposes. 2. Students will select, organize and combine relevant information about owls, with assistance from a variety of websites to construct and communicate meaning.
3. 3.
4. 4.

<  Resource Connections

4.1 Explain how a high-speed STELLAR school connection will enable or enhance this project.

Internet access will allow students advanced research abilities. Basic web publishing will allow the students to publish their findings on the Internet.

4.2 List other resources required for the success of this project.

School resource Center, Textbooks, Guest Speakers.


5.1 Develop a time line to indicate when you expect students to achieve the intended learning outcomes or accomplish milestones that indicate substantial progress.

Expected Date

Outcome or Milestone

Date Achieved

June 1998 Students will complete this project by June 1998  

5.2 Discuss how this project provides an opportunity for students to communicate with others (e.g. e-mail, newsgroups, web pages and electronic presentations that include text and/or multimedia.

The students will avail of research via the Internet. Scientific and school linked web pages will allow research to be completed quickly. Multimedia presentations by wildlife biologists and other scientific personnel will aid the students learning as well as virtual visits to certain zoo’s which may be found online.

5.3 Explain how students will acknowledge all sources of information (web sites, print sources, software, media reports, etc.)

All sources of information will be referenced according to accepted academic standards.

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