Project 1: Endangered Species

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Pat Smith
School: Roncalli Elementary
130 Airport Heights Drive
St. John's, NF
A1A 4Z7
Tel: (709) 576-4731
Fax: (709) 576-0087
Grade Level: Grade 5
Number of Students: 14 students
Project Start and Finish Dates: April, 1998 - May, 1998

  Project Overview

The students will complete a research unit on "Endangered Species" by locating information in the Internet. Several sites that will be used are: San Francisco Zoo Homepage, Sea World Homepage, the World Wildlife Fund Canada and the Manatee Club Homepage.

Students will study profiles of endangered animals in Newfoundland, Canada and the World. Reasons for decline in population of these animals will be studied. Information will be recorded in such formats as charts and thematic maps.

Next, the students will be given an opportunity to react to environmental issues. They will use the Internet to e-mail messages to political leaders to voice concerns with provincial and federal issues relating to the environment and endangered animals.

The students will also be given an opportunity to take action and decide on an environmental project that their class would like to pursue.

  Curriculum Connections

3.1 Main Curriculum Areas Relating to the Project:

Technology, Language Arts, Geography, Social Studies, Science

3.2 In column one list one or more appropriate Department of Education Learning Outcomes. In column two describe how the outcomes of your project fulfill the curriculum requirements.

Department of Education Learning Outcomes

Project Links

1. Develop Research Skills. 1. a. use indexes and tables of contents from websites to locate topics and articles.

b. locate relevant detail from articles on the Internet

2. Write letters in various formats. 2.Within a website; a. email comments to politicians; b. e-mail a message to the San Francisco Zoo requesting info on the Adopt-an-Animal program
3. Develop Mapping Skills. 3. After reading articles on the Internet, the student will use this info to develop a thematic map.
4. Develop an awareness of environmental issues. 4. After reviewing articles on the Internet, the student will:

a. List reasons for decline in animal populations,

b. list several animals that are endangered,

c. become familiar with environmental projects conducted by schools through WWW.

d. name the provincial and federal leaders responsible for the environment.

3.3 In column one list the appropriate Department of Education Technology Education Outcomes. In column two describe how the outcomes of your project satisfy the curriculum requirements.

Technology Education Learning Outcomes

Project Links

1. Develop vocabulary of terms and language 1. Terms such as Modem, bookmark, web browser, e-mail etc.
2. Develop computer skills for use with the Internet. 2. Locate web sites, b. bookmark websites. c. scroll through tables of contents. d. write and send e-mail messages.
3. 3.
4. 4.

  Resource Connections

4.1 Explain how a high-speed STELLAR school connection will enable or enhance this project.

This project will not be possible without Stellar School status. Many of our students do not have Internet access at home. Such access must be provided by the school.

4.2 List other resources required for the success of this project.



5.1 Develop a time line to indicate when you expect students to achieve the intended learning outcomes or accomplish milestones that indicate substantial progress.

Expected Date

Outcome or Milestone

Date Achieved

April - May Observations to determine computer skills  
  Conferencing to determine student enjoyment and concerns  
  Saved e-mail letters  
  Student portfolios  
  Observation of group discussion  
  Decision Making processes observed.  

5.2 Discuss how this project provides an opportunity for students to communicate with others (e.g. e-mail, newsgroups, web pages and electronic presentations that include text and/or multimedia.

The use of newsgroups, e-mail and web page information is crucial to this project.

5.3 Explain how students will acknowledge all sources of information (web sites, print sources, software, media reports, etc.)

Students will be responsible to provide and keep track of references found on the Internet in proper academic style.

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