Project 3: QUEST '97

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  General Information

Lead Teacher: Susan Simms (Learning Resources Teacher)
Classroom Teachers: Jill Normore

Jill Moores

School: Paradise Elementary School
Grade Level: Grade 5
Number of Students: Six to Eight
Project Start and Finish Dates: March 3 to April 30 1997

  Project Overview

This is intended as an enrichment project for a small group of grade five students. Students will use the Internet to research information regardingarchaeological digs. Students will be directed to pre-selected sites on the Internet and will also be encouraged to explore other sites using the different search engines. These students will also "join" a team of archaeologists as they travel a specific route uncovering secrets of the Mayan civilization. Following their experience, the students will prepare and give a presentation to the other students in grade five.

  Curriculum Connections

This project would enhance an archaeology unit which is part of the Language Arts curriculum in grade five. In Language Arts the students will:

  • read to find and use information.

  • carry out tasks in visual representation.

  • recognize the choices they make for their viewing and the reasons for viewing.

  • speak with skill for a variety of purposes.

In the area of Technology Education for this grade level, students will:

  • identify ways in which information and communication technologies are used.

  • develop a vocabulary of terminology and language related to selected communication techniques.

  • use communication technology to build new knowledge from existing information.

  • use e-mail to subscribe to MUSEUM-L and ARCH-L listserv groups.

  • use search engines to locate other interesting sites.

  • use the Internet to get simulated dig software.

  Resource Connections

The STELLAR Schools Internet connection will enhance this project by making available the hardware and Internet time necessary to implement such a project.

All print and non-print resources (videos, CD encyclopaedias) available to us which support the project will be utilized.


At the end of this project, students will:

  • demonstrate a knowledge of the Mayan civilization through an oral presentation.
  • demonstrate knowledge of the Internet and its terminology.
  • identify how communication technology can be used as a tool for building new knowledge from existing information.
  • see a direct connection between what they are learning and the reality of the work force.

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