Project 2: The Great Canadian Jackalope Project

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  General Information

Lead Teacher: Susan Simms (Learning Resources Teacher)
Classroom Teachers: Jill Normore

Jill Moores

School: Paradise Elementary School
Grade Level: Grade 5
Number of Students: 56
Project Start and Finish Dates: Month of May '97

  Project Overview

Other STELLAR Schools are already participating in this project.
Please see for a description.

Here's THE PLAN:

  • Your class is paired with one from another school.
  • Each student in your class is partnered with a student from your twin school.
  • Both classes draw pictures of monsters, martians, animals, or anything your imaginations can dream of.
  • Each student writes a description of their drawing and e-mails it to their twin.
  • Your twin tries to draw this picture.
  • All the pictures are scanned in, either at your school, or you can send it into STEM~Net, and we will do it for you.
  • Each picture will be posted here, so you can see how close your twins drawing was to the picture you drew, and how close yours was to the original.

  Curriculum Connections

The activities completed in this project would be directly related to the grade five curriculum in these areas:

In Language Arts students will:

  • draw and describe a legendary creature during a unit on legends;
  • write for a variety of audiences and recognize the variety of information required by various audiences;
  • decode with increasing skill and make sense of visual texts;
  • make visuals as a means to present meaning;
  • carry out many tasks in visual representation.

In the area of Technology Education for this grade level, students will:

  • demonstrate a knowledge of the nature and characteristics of a variety of media and communication systems.
  • identify and clearly state communication problems.
  • work effectively in several communication media.

  Resource Connections

The STELLAR Schools Internet connection will enable/enhance this project by making available the necessary hardware and internet time necessary to complete the project.

All print and non-print resources applicable to this project presently in our school will be utilized while completing this unit.


At the end of the project, students will be able to:

  • use a scanner to send project material/artwork.
  • demonstrate knowledge of e-mail, modems, printers.
  • describe and draw a legendary creature.

In general, this particular unit on Legends will be enhanced and enriched by the implementation of this internet project.

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