Project 2: Modern Genetic Research(ongoing)

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  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Brian Power (Biology Teacher)
School:O'Donel High School
Ruth Avenue
Mt. Pearl, NF
A1N 2W4
Grade Level:Level II and III Biology students
Number of Students: 50-60 depending on the availability of computer time and appropriate hardware.
Project Start and Finish Dates:September 1/97 - June 30/98

  Project Overview

Biology 3201 involves the study of four major topics one of which is Genetics. Genetics is a very modern topic with many avenues of research presently occurring. As part of this study students are asked to research modern theories in genetics, human genetic diseases and genetic engineering and counselling. I intend to divide the students into groups and assignment general topics in the areas mentioned above. Students will research the topics with up to date information and bring their research back to the classroom level for discussion.

  Curriculum Connections

This research will involve many areas of the curriculum such as biology, research paper, language, science and reading, especially scientific documents. This integration of each curriculum fits in with the school philosophy. Specifically it fits in with the intended learning outcomes of the Biology 3201 course. These include:

  • Explain modern theories of genetics.
  • Write a brief summary of geneticists and their contributions.
  • Cite examples of genetic engineering.
  • Discuss the importance of genetic counselling.
  • Discuss the examples of human genetic diseases and their treatments.
  • Discuss the ethical considerations of genetic counselling and engineering.

As a school we are emphasizing our research techniques towards modern technologies such as the Internet and television. The students involved are our advanced students who require the skills obtained in this research for future educational endeavours.

  Resource Connections

The STELLAR Schools Internet connection will enhance this project. In a school with limited library resources and in an area where students have difficulty getting information it will put this information at their finger tips. It will give them access to a tremendous amount of materials. It will also give the students the ability to use this technology in other research areas in all their subjects.

Other resources will be in the form of printed research such as magazines and journals, and in the other technologies including television.


Evaluation includes the completion of the assigned task and the presentation of their paper in proper research style. This paper will be presented to the whole class during instruction in the specific areas. In the past this type of project interested the whole school and got students involved in Internet research. Because of such projects we expect more students to become subscribers to the Internet.

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