Project 3: Project Groundhog

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Learning Objectives

  General Information

Lead Teacher: Heidi Gatherall - Learning Resources Teacher
School: Newtown Elementary School
25 Jackman Drive
Mount Pearl, NF
A1N 2P5
Grade Level: Grades 3
Number of Students: 30
Project Start and Finish Dates: January to March

  Learning Objectives

  1. Students will conduct a study for weather preferences and make a bar graph of the survey.
  2. Students will construct a pictograph of weather survey results.
  3. Students will observe clouds, note kind which usually precede certain types of weather.
  4. Students will investigate how weather conditions influence a study site (trees tagged behind the school) and keep a nature journal to record observations of site weekly.
  5. Students will predict whether the groundhog will see his/her shadow and whether the prediction is dependable.
  6. Students will track the weather daily and calculate average weekly temperature and count the number of days that were cloudy, sunny, rainy, snowy, etc.
  7. Students will use the internet to connect with students in other parts of the province and continent, learning about their communities and weather during the study.

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