Project 1: HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) Programming and Home Page Creation

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  General Information

Lead Teachers:Wayne Hillier - (lead Teacher)

Harry Andrews - (Math)

Roy Anthony - (Science)

Claude Bishop - (Social Studies)

Dave Cooper - (Guidance)

Dunc Ford - (Tech. Ed.)

Don Hiscock - (Career Exploratory)

Bryce Hodder - (Religion)

Heather Moore - (Art)

Marilyn Reid - (French)

Rex Roberts - (English)

Gary Sooley - (Phys. Ed)

Janet Vivian-Walsh - (Administration)

Grade Level:Level III
Number of Students:25
Project Start and Finish Dates:November - December, 1996 with continuing work.

  Project Overview

The goal of this project is to develop an awareness in the student of the power of the Internet and its accessibility to any individual who wishes to learn a few of the tools used to access the World Wide Web. As the students proceed with this project they have several points of interest:

     students will preview various educational web sites with the aim to study content,
       construction and design on how various institutes present their curriculum plans.

     class discussion will take place on the features and structure of the Hypertext Markup

     Using text editors and HTML editors, students will develop skills that allow them to
       construct a web page.

     Students will construct their own home page, developing a topic of interest that they wish to
       present to others in their class.

     this home page will be tested on textual and graphical browsers for layout and design.

     as students develop a ‘feel' for the construction and design of a home page, they will be
       matched with a member of the school staff to develop a home page for specific disciplines.

     once content and design are finalized by student(s) and the staff member, the completed
       page will be placed on the Internet allowing community, parents, and students to access the
       offerings of Mount Pearl Senior High.

     students will be responsible for the appropriate notification of the web site, increasing the
       awareness of the page.

     students will have a continuing responsibility for maintaining and upgrading the homepage as
       new demands and wishes of the various school departments change.

  Curriculum Connections

The main aim of Computer Technology is to provide the student with in-depth treatment of computer topics that are relevant in today's society, with emphasis on possible pursuits in a computer related career. The content of this proposal allows for numerous activities resulting in both the acquisition and practice of skills that are highly demanded today in the computer field.

Specifically, the student will:

     develop an awareness of the use of computers in high technology applications locally,
       provincially, nationally and globally.

     develop an understanding of fundamental concepts of programming using high-level

     be provided the opportunity to explore various applications which are current examples of
       computer technology.

     acquire further data needed for intelligent career decision making related to computer-based

			SOURCE:	  Computer Technology 3200 Course Description
				  Department of Education

  Resource Connections

The Internet connection provided by Stellar Schools will allow the students to:

     Access various sites for study and analysis.
     Access tools and programs necessary for the construction of the pages.
     allow students to post their completed pages, for themselves and the school, for public


     to develop familiarity with various browsers: Lynx, Netscape, and Microsoft Explorer for
       the WWW.
     to develop an understanding of the HTML programming language.
     to develop an understanding of web page design and construction.
     to demonstrate the ability to work on a specific task, as outlined by others, and produce a
       specific product (a homepage) that meets those demands.

The impact of this project on this school will be measured by the students' and teachers' increased awareness of the Internet technology. The success of the project will be determined by the accessibility of the school's offering, which will be open to teachers, students, parents, and the community at large.

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