Project 4: The Military History of Signal Hill

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): James G. Lynch - Technology Education Teacher
School: Mobile Central High School
Box 60
Mobile, NF
A0A 3A0
Tel: (709) 334-2525
Grade Level: Intermediate Enrichment Class
Number of Students: Approximately 20 students
Project Start and Finish Dates: Start Date: 12 November - Finish Date: 8 May, 1997
  Project Overview

This project requires that our Intermediate Enrichment students compile an extensive military history of Signal Hill which will include text, graphics, and video clips. Students will be assigned specific research topics as outlined in the lesson section. Each lesson will feature a number of images scanned from texts or photo images obtained with the digital camera.

No other city in North America has fallen to invading armies as frequently as St. John's. Newfoundlanders have never been a military people, but our history has echoed with the clash of arms. War has played a decisive part in shaping our early history.

The history of our province is largely a story of desparate defense, bold counter attacks and gallant fighting against formidable odds.

Newfoundland occupies a dominant position at the entrance to the Gulf of St. Lawrence, which flows to the heart of Canada. This, coupled with its proximity to the rich fishing grounds off the Grand Banks, resulted in fierce competition among European countries anxioous to gain control over its harbours.

Signal Hill figured prominently in four centries of armed conflict for strategic control over Newfoundland. signal Hill, and the South Side Hills, present a sheer rugged face to the North Atlantic. Separating Signal Hill from the South Side Hills is the Narrows, the gateway to the harbour of St. John's.

From the narrow crest of the hill, which drops into a sharp through, the early residents of the colony were able to defend themselves from continous enemy attack.

Lesson 1 - Early Exploration

Lesson 2 - Colonization

Lesson 3 - The Struggle for St. John's

Lesson 4 - The Battle of Signal Hill

Lesson 5 - Defense Construction on Signal Hill

Lesson 6 - The Royal Newfoundland Regiment

Lesson 7 - The Queen's Battery

Lesson 8 - The Royal Newfoundland Companies

Lesson 9 - The War Years

Lesson 10 - Evaluation

  Curriculum Connections

The Military History of Signal Hill meets several of the Essential Graduation Learnings outlined in the Atlantic Provinces Education Foundation. This project not only promotes citizenship by raising the level of awareness among students about the military past of Newfoundland but also meets the requirements of communication in the establishment of web pages and technological competence in their actual design.

This project clearly has a social studies focus but also requires extensive technological skills which many of our enrichment students having been part of the program for the past three years. Students will be required to compose their research findings using a word processor and will be required to make specific software selections when converting to HTML format. The project will also require demonstration of skills in scanning, uploading files, and graphics creation.

  Resource Connections

Students will have access to the Technology Lab and will be required to select software for appropriate construction of the web page. This will be a collaborative effort as only one web page will be created with each students contributing to its development.


Since its inception, Mobile High School Enrichment Program has encouraged students to 'stretch' themselves by choosing a variety of units both arts and sciences. We also try to offer units which are suggested by the students as this particular project was. The units selected in our enrichment program are topics that are stimulating and intended to serve as vehicles whereby our students may acquire and practice skills of critical and creative thinking and problem solving. While there is no summative evaluation associated with the enrichment program all units are formatively evaluated. Students are encouraged to become self-directed learners, to pursue a topic of interest to them through research, becoming an expert as their abilities permit, then to present their findings to an appropriate audience.

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