Project 2: Classroom Connect

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): James G. Lynch - Technology Education Teacher
School: Mobile Central High School
Box 60
Mobile, NF
A0A 3A0
Tel: (709) 334-2525
Grade Level: Level III
Number of Students: Approximately 30 students
Project Start and Finish Dates: Start Date: 12 November - Finish Date: 8 June, 1998
  Project Overview

For the past three years Mobile High School has produced the Mobile Connection which is a monthly newsletter compiled by a teacher moderator and our Language 3102 students. Copies of the Mobile Connection are forwarded by mail to the parents of all Mobile students. in addition, copies of the newsletter are also forwarded to a number of agencies as well as former teachers and students of the school.

Much of the content of the Mobile Connection deals with student activities in the school. It is our intent to join the CRC Project and contribute some of the articles currently being written by our students to this monthly publication. It is also our intent to have our Language 3102 students place each monthly edition of the Mobile Connection on-line to make it even more accessible to our readers.

The Classroom Connect Project solicits short (500-1000 word) stories and anecdotes about special ways schools have integrated the Internet into their classroom. You can report on special one-time projects or ongoing activities. These stories are then printed in a monthly subscription called "lesson".

The coordinator of Classroom Connect is:

Dorissa Bolinski
Classroom Connect, Inc.
1866 Colonial Village Lane, Lancaster, PA 17605
(717) 393-1000, ex. 225
(717) 393-5752, Fax

  Curriculum Connections

It is abundantly clear that we need to encourage students to write. It is also clear that we must provide opportunities for students to write. The Classroom Connect project provides such an opportunity. Students are now currently engaged in writing for the Mobile Connection. providing the opportunity for those same students to submit their materials to an outside agency that has worldwide readership is an excellent example of how technology can be used to promote literacy skills in our students.

This project easily conforms to the intended outcomes for the senior high language program and the senior high technology program.

  Resource Connections

Students will have access to the Technology Lab and will be required to use Microsoft Publisher to design and place the Mobile Connection on-line. This will be a collaborative effort in producing the newsletter and an individual one when submitting specific articles to Classroom Connect.


In accordance with the notion of language across the curriculum, students will be encouraged to not only write articles for the Mobile Connection, but to submit those articles as part of the writing requirements for their senior level language course. Once submitted, these articles would be evaluated in accordance with the requirements of that course.

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