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  General Information

Project Leader(s): Doug LeDrew (Macpherson)
Kay Melvin (Macpherson)
Conor Small (Fulford Primary)
School: Macpherson Junior High
40 Newtown Road
St. John's, NF
A1C 4E1
Grade Level: Grade 7 (30 students)
Project Start and Finish Dates Begin Fall of 96 - End June 97 (Preliminary work is already {May 96} underway with Fulford Primary School in Bristol England.)

  Project Overview

As part of the Cabot 500 Celebrations, Macpherson has been twinned with Fulford Primary School in Bristol England. Initial contact has been made with the school and teachers are presently in email contact as they set about designing the format of the twi nning process for the coming school year. Some of the areas being considered for exploration by the students in both schools are:

...having students compile 'share' packages covering information on their respective schools, communities and/or city. Depending on the capability of both schools it would be hoped that this material could be communicated in both hard copy and digit al.

...invite students from the school in Bonavista to assist in the compilation of information about their community. Students might wish to speculate as to where Cabot landed in their community.

...students would research and compile a walking video tour of 'Old' St. John's with particular reference to the arrival of the Matthew in 1497 and 1997.

...students would be given an opportunity in both schools/countries to collaborate with each other to compare lifestyles, cultures, etc.

...students from both schools would compare surnames with the intent of discovering whether for example some student from Petty Harbor might have an ancestral link in Bristol or vice versa.

...Both schools would create a section on their home pages to publish their findings. Indeed it would perhaps be more suitable to create a specific Web Site for this specific twinning. It would be our intent to maintain this connection at the concl usion of the Cabot 500 celebrations.

...individual students would be paired up to compile a written response to 'First Place' -- the first place I would take you as a visitor to my town would be... This composition would be transmitted via email to each other. All compositions would b e group shared within each school.

...students would prepare a personal unit for submission to the twinned school on, 'A Day in My Life'.

...students in Fulford Primary would be asked to provide information on Colin Mudie, the naval architect who has designed the replica of the Matthew.

Macpherson could utilize parental resources in the area of naval architecture to assist in this specific area. Potential exist for field trips to Cabot College, construction of prototypes using CAD programs at the school, etc.

...Newfoundland's maritime contribution in such areas as the staging port for convoys of ships traversing the Atlantic to England during World War 2. the conclusion of the project each School would create a presentation about what was learned from the exchange with students in the other country. These presentations might take any or all of the following form; oral (skit), written, visual (a rt, poster, or video), or musical. this would be a full school year project, individual seasonal themes could be developed which would inform each school about particular events in within the school, community happenings, weather, etc.

...Carl Wells would be invited to participate in 'Share the Weather' happening, where from Macpherson we could do a link-up with Fulford Primary and some local weather person in that community.

...all students would maintain a personal portfolio which would be used for evaluation purposes.

  Curriculum Connection

Main Areas:

Social Studies
Language Arts - writing and research
Art - student and/or local assistance
Graphic & Electronic Communication

There is a tremendous amount of information within the context of this project which is directly related to the Social Studies Program at the Grade 7 level. We believe that this project gives our students an opportunity to participate in a new way of lea rning, the 'Internet style'. The project though the Internet connection between each school permits the student to take advantage of the Net's unique 'instant' capabilities. It provides ample opportunity for exploration, collaboration and sharing of inf ormation between two schools. It has equal potential for tremendous expansion into other subjects and grade levels. Students will also be given the opportunity to undertake some of the technology education objectives specified in the new Intermediate Pr ogram presently being in-serviced by our Department of Education.

Students will be required to produce written responses for publication on the schools Web Site. Areas of research for student consideration would focus on the research areas specified above. In addition, students would have the advantage of sharing info rmation with others, responding to, analyzing and comparing the submissions of other students, learning about the life of the students and people in Bristol, work cooperatively with fellow students, and participate in using a new mode of learning - the In ternet.

  Resource Connections

A STELLAR Schools Internet connection would provide a tremendous enhancement to this project. Without a web server at the school, this project would have to operate primarily on snail mail. Internet access would be restricted to teachers using their email accounts assuming, of course, that they will still have access via Stem~Net. This would be terribly restricted and would not permit students to participate in 'Internet learning'.

In addition to the subject areas indicated above, this project provides a number of instances whereby the students would be able to call upon several resources within the community, e.g., Cabot College, City Hall, areas of 'old' St. John's. In making a walking video of St. John's, this would be a learning opportunity as much for our students as our twinned school. The projects would also be able to avail of the use of the digital camera we will purchase for other projects.


  1. Each student would be required to maintain a file of his/her work. This file would have to be in both hard copy and digital format.
  2. Each student would be required to submit a journal/log containing an itemization of independent/group work - who contacted, when, where, and how (email or snail mail) and sources of any resources considered or used in their final submission.
  3. Project leaders would maintain an overall log for the entire project. This log would include a day to day assessment of the project, meetings with students and any other resource people contacted, trouble-shooting and/or technical problems encountered, suggestions for improvement and final recommendations.

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