Project 2: Language 2101 Research Project #2

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  General Information

Lead Teachers:Mr. W.M. Sharpe

Mr. D. Lavalee

Ms. M. Clemens

Grade Level:Level II
Number of Students:Three classes of approximately 25 students in each class
Project Start and Finish Dates:February 23 - March 31, 1997

  Project Overview

The concept we wish to be considered involves a language research project of about 2000 words to be presented by each student in the format of a formal information paper and an accompanying audio-visually aided oral presentation.

Each student will choose an approved topic and present a thesis statement to be proven. The topic must be up-to-date and deal with an issue of social, moral, or community value. It may/should also be somewhat controversial.

Information must be gathered from at least five different sources and include some historical background accompanied by the most up-to-date facts available.

The process follows the process of gathering valid, new information from as many sources as possible, and through teacher guidance, forming that information into a proper research paper with accompanying bibliography and audio-visual presentation.

At least some of the information for this project has to be very new and searched through the Internet for the purpose teaching the students how this new source is accessed and what a wide variety of useful information can be made available to them.

  Curriculum Connections

The main areas of the curriculum which this assignment addresses centers around English Language Research, creative writing, computer skills development and specifically the Language 2101 course. The new service we have in mind will greatly expand availability of resources and information through accessability to the Internet. With this one acquisition we will bring the resources of our canter totally up to date with the most modern centers in the province. We will also be able to interact through Internet service with any other school already on the service for the purpose of exchanging information and ideas.

This project fits with the overall curriculum because by setting up the computer service through the resource canter the whole school population will have easy access to its use. As well, this accessed Internet service will offer information related to virtually every subject in the curriculum and can be utilized as needed.

The intended learning outcomes of the project include students learning to use proper research and other information-gathering skills along with the development of formal writing and oral presentation skills. The process used by students in obtaining information will go along the same basic concepts that would be used at university or any other post-secondary schools thereby keeping in line with the emphasis on developing life-long learning skills in our students. This will be a great help to students as they pursue education in areas of professional development in the future.

In regard to the intended learning outcomes for Technology Education and in keeping with the Department of Education's requirements at the high school level this project would be greatly enhanced by the addition of a dedicated slip line accessing us to the Internet in such a way that we could allow a number of stations to simultaneously access the Net. This would give multiple use to students and expand their abilities to gain information beyond our current single line access. Teaching and learning in the areas of research and computer skills could be carried on through a group concept rather than on an individual user basis. This dedicated line should be accompanied by a number of Internet accounts to be distributed and used by students under control and direction of the teacher.

If such a technology was made available to our school it would expand group education in Computer and Internet use as well as use of new resources information that would be made available to us through this new medium, vastly increase the resource canter's ability to access knowledge on a world-wide basis through a multiple user system, and would allow inter school access for the comparison and sharing of information in school related areas.

  Resource Connections

This Stellar School project with Internet Connection will enhance the students abilities to work by giving them, in both an individual and small group setting, the ability to quickly retrieve important, pertinens information that would not ordinarily be available to them through regular library resources. At the same time they will be developing valuable skills in the areas of research development and computer and on-line access that they would never otherwise be exposed to if not for exposure at the resource centre.

Other resources which are being utilized for this project include research with the use of periodicals such as newspapers and magazines and related pamphlets, Encyclopedia library text, vertical file and text book material, interviews with experts in the field, electronic computer encyclopedia, and use of the Internet for the few students fortunate enough to have access through their parents' Internet accounts. It is interesting to note that of 425 students in our school only one student currently has his own Internet access account.


The learning outcomes for this project will be evaluated under the following headings:

  1. Development and presentation of project theme or idea and accompanying thesis statement to be proven.
  2. Development of project outline to be followed to completion of project.
  3. Gathering of sources of information using at least five different sources including library texts, periodicals, vertical file, electronic encyclopedia, television news or topical programs, Internet access, interviews with experts. Development of direct and indirect quotes and other useful information using these sources.
  4. Development of a rough copy report including quotes and a list of reference materials used.
  5. Presentation of finalized good copy including the ABA writing style and reference list.
  6. Audio-visually assisted oral presentation of the developed topic to students and teacher in public speaking type of atmosphere.
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