Project 3: Web Searchers

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  General Information

Lead Teacher: Anne Major (Learning Resources Teacher)
Participating Teachers: Mary Warren (Social Studies Department Head)
Jean Nash (Language Arts Department Head)
Brenda Collett (French Department Head)
Phyllis Pomeroy (Mathematics Department Head)
Science Department Head (to be appointed)
School: I.J. Samson Junior High
50 Bennett Avenue
St. John's, NF
A1E 2Y8
Grade Level: Grades VII, VII & IX
Number of Students: 18 - 24 (6 - 8 'enrichment' students from each grade level)
Project Start and Finish Dates: Starting ASAP and ongoing

  Project Overview

In specific curriculum areas, students will assist teachers in the search for 'best' websites as complimentary and supplementary resources to be used in curriculum delivery. Students will find and assess the value (relevant to curriculum objectives) of websites that teachers will then use in their classrooms to enhance and enrich curriculum delivery. Students and teachers will maintain a website at I.J. Samson which will summarize their findings thus making this work available to many others.

As we approach the capability to have a multimedia PC in each teaching location (all locations are currently wired to our LAN) teachers will need assistance to evaluate the volume of new resources and students must increase the responsibility for their own learning.

  Curriculum Connections

In each subject area, students will become familiar with specific curriculum objectives as these objectives will become the focus of their search and evaluation of 'best' websites on the internet.

  Learner Outcomes

Primary outcomes are subject specific. Students will increase their knowledge of subject specific curriculum objectives. As assistants in curriculum planning, they will develop project management and team building skills. Peripheral skills related to searching, evaluating, manipulating, and presenting information via information technology will also be invaluable outcomes for the participants.


Students will be evaluated primarily through observation (formative). As well, they will receive 'project' credit in the specific subject area for which they are searching and evaluating the information downloaded and presented in their classrooms.

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