Project 2: The Fisheries - From Bounty to Scarcity

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  General Information

Lead Teachers: Mary Warren (Social Studies Department Head)
Anne Major (Learning Resources Teacher)
Participating Teachers: Mary Warren
Merrill Sooley
School: I.J. Samson Junior High
50 Bennett Avenue
St. John's, NF
A1E 2Y8
Grade Level: Grade IX
Number of Students: Approximately 150
Project Start and Finish Dates: September to October 1997

  Project Overview

This project will arise from a resource-based unit prepared by teachers at I.J. Samson and Macpherson Junior High Schools. This unit has been developed under the direction of Maud McCarty who is the provincial coordinator of Global Schools and who is co-authoring the new grade IX Atlantic Provinces Social Studies course which will be piloted in 1996-97. The fisheries unit will be published and sent to all grade IX classes in the province in the fall of 1996.

The resource-based unit examines the state of the fishery in Newfoundland from a variety of vantage points: historically, ecologically, politically, culturally, technologically, and economically.

Arising from this, students at I.J. Samson will create a website complementing these components of the unit. We are planning to work co-operatively with the Marine Institute which is currently preparing their Website, and with DFO. We have discussed with Jan Negrijn at the Marine Institute the possibility of his having postings at their Website specific to this unit. At I.J. Samson we would like to interact with these postings, taking from them and adding to them. As well, students will create an I.J. Samson Fisheries Website which will provide frequently updated information on the fishery with an interactive component created by encouraging the participation of students in communities that have been negatively impacted by the fishery decline, or conversely, that have diversified their involvement with the fishery to a positive outcome.

Our students will invite students from such communities to create their own video "journals" reflecting on the impact of the recent changes in the fishery on their communities. These "journals" will be edited by our students and added to our Website, thus providing a personal and community aspect to the data collected. We are particularly excited by the prospect of a partnership of sorts between the Marine Institute and I.J. Samson.

  Curriculum Connections

This unit is part of the grade IX Social Studies curriculum and has been developed specifically for provincial distribution to all grade IX classes.

  Learner Outcomes

The subject-specific learning outcomes are directly related to the various components of this unit (historical, ecological, political, cultural, technological, economical).

The outcomes related to the creation of a Fisheries Webpage are manifold. In searching for information to add to the page, students will learn how to find appropriate sites to obtain information relevant to their topic. They will also find out the kinds of governmental and institutional Webpages available to them on this topic. They will learn how to evaluate information and to download it. Students will learn how to contact other schools via e-mail and newsgroups to solicit journal entries. They will learn how to manipulate incoming information to edit it and to plan and post to a website.

  Resource Connections

As part of the Fisheries unit, students will use a wide variety of resources such as video clips, audio clips, time lines, charts, graphs, pamphlets, books, maps. In order to create their Webpage, students will rely on these resources and on the Internet.


Students will be evaluated on their content by appraisal of their collected works as they progress through the unit. Evaluation of the students' abilities to access information on the internet will be going as the students apply their skills. Evaluation of the Webpages created by students will be based on predetermined baseline components.

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