Project 2: English 2101 and the Internet

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  General Information

School: Holy Spirit High
P.O. Box 4241
Manuels, NF
A1W 1H2
Grade Level: Levels II
Number of Students: 56

  Project Overview

English 2101 is a course designed for Grade 11 students. Its main purpose is to teach students the key elements of research which would prepare them for post-secondary institutions. In particular, the main objectives of the course which are related to the Internet are:

  • To teach students the process of researching and writing a documented research paper

  • To have students use a variety of research material

  • To teach students how to evaluate possible sources of information

  • To teach students how to maximize the information on the Internet

  • To teach students how to formulate better questioning techniques on the Internet

  • To make students aware of the valuable Web Sites on the Internet

  • To teach students how to download to a disk or print a hardcopy

This year, students at Holy Spirit High School will be exposed to more current technology. In addition to the Internet, students will be expected to use other sources such as CD-ROM. The introduction to these two recent developments will force students to become aware of more modern technologies.

  Internet Objectives

Students will be introduced to the following skills

  1. How to log on to the Internet and more specifically Netscape
  2. How to use the search feature
  3. How to search the Web using the following:
    • Yahoo Directory
    • EINet Galaxy
    • Lycos Searcher
    • The WebCrawler
  4. How to use bookmarks for future reference
  5. How to contact other people on the Internet through e-mail
  6. How to download to a disk or print a hardcopy
  7. How to write footnotes and bibliography for sources on the Internet
  8. How to access a specific web site
  9. How to access material at Memorial University
  10. How to access Newsgroups
  11. How to speed up Netscape


In the beginning, students will be exposed to the Internet through a "Scavenger Hunt" approach. Students will be given a number of questions and they must identify the source as well as the answer. The questions will be designed in such a way that students will be required to use a large number of sites as well as logging on to specific sites and listing the "lead article" to be found on that day.

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