Project 1: World History 3201 - Current Events

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School: Holy Spirit High
P.O. Box 4241
Manuels, NF
A1W 1H2
Grade Level: Levels II & III
Number of Students: 36


To have students use the world wide web to be more aware and knowledgeable of national and international events and the implications these events have upon real people.


  • To have students use the web at least one period per cycle.

  • To use the world wide web to research given topics on current events. The fruit of this research would then be shared by the class, in general.

  • To make use of the web to link with other high school students who may have personal knowledge or involvement in world events i.e. class in Quebec linked to a class at Holy Spirit High, discussing Quebec's role in Canada.

  • To have students become pro-active in gathering information on events through research and personal contact, rather than passively accepting information in the form of "handouts".


The hope is that these adolescent students will come to comprehend that knowledge of current events is the first step in a pro-active role in the world. You cannot contribute to the solution if you are not aware of the problem; and the resources available to help solve the problem.

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