Project 3 - Survival (in a specific climate)

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Margaret Hammond

Margaret Dawe

Conroy Philbert

Wayne Connors

School: Holy Trinity Elementary
1240 Torbay Road
Torbay, NF
A1K 1A6
Tel: (709) 437-7433
Fax: (709) 437-1134
Grade Level: 8
Number of Students: Grade 8 Remedial Reading Students
Project Start and Finish Dates: Two Six Day Cycles or approximately fifteen days.
One forty-minute period per day.
  Project Overview

The main purpose of this RBL experience is to provide an opportunity for the students to do a researched based project with guidance in the form of organized topic heading. The intent is to force the students into an editing process whereby they will look for specific information related to a specific set of sub topics. Example: If the climate chosen is "Desert" then all of the supporting information on such sub topics as shelter, survival kit, edible plants, (see work sheets for complete listing) has to be edited in relation to the climate chosen. This process will force the student to filter out extraneous information and to make decisions on what information is pertinent to the main topic (Climate) and the sub topics.

  Curriculum Connections

Learning Outcomes:

The students will:

  • brainstorm to identify research sources.
  • use jot noting when utilizing the sources of research.
  • edit the jot notes for relevant information.
  • assemble the information using the sub topics provided.
  • provide bibliographical sources.
  • be instructed in the use of: Resource Centre Opac Computer System, Vertical File, Film Strip File, Various Indexes available to the Resource Centre, and outside sources such as the Community Public Library.

  Resource Connections

  • Resource Centre
  • Special Education Classroom
  • Various Encyclopaedia(s)
  • Vertical File
  • Opac Computer Search System
  • Index to National Geographic
  • Film Strip File
  • SAS Survival Manual
  • Survival Kit from Mr. Brendan Walsh who is a Private Pilot
  • Torbay Community Public Library
  • An extensive use of the Internet to research the main topic "Climate" as well as the various sub topics chosen by the individual students.


The students will be asked to submit all of the various sections of the project along with the rough draft and jot notes. Students will be graded using the Student Project Grading Sheet, with a portion of the class being graded by the Special Education Teacher and a portion by the Resource Centre Teacher. The projects will then be critiqued to the class before being passed back to the students.

A Student Response Sheet was developed and distributed to the students for evaluation of the project. The feedback resulting from this venture was interesting and informative. In the ADD or OMIT question the majority of students said they would not omit items but they suggested that they would like additional sections dealing with sketching and drawing. It appeared that they found the sketching and drawing "fun" to complete. In the LIKE/DISLIKE section there was a majority of students who disliked the edible plant section but would not have it omitted. There was a problem with finding resources for this section so it may have appeared to be a more difficult section. In the section of the response sheet dealing with TIME TO COMPLETE, AVAILABLE RESOURCES, AMOUNT OF WORK, DIRECTIONS, and LENGTH OF PROJECT, the majority of students circled the enough category. In the SUGGESTIONS FOR IMPROVEMENT section some of the common responses were "more videos; a guest speaker; a simpler world map; more items to draw or illustrate." Suggestions also came from the Resource Centre Teacher indicating ways of extending the project. Students could be asked to complete a series of questions based on the new knowledge they have gained from completion of this project. This would include a writing component and an art component. Another suggestion was that students complete a listing of new or unique vocabulary that they have been exposed to as a result of completing this RBL learning experience.

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