Project 2 - Research Paper-Language Arts/Science Project

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Margaret Hammond

Margaret Dawe

Conroy Philbert

Wayne Connors

School: Holy Trinity Elementary
1240 Torbay Road
Torbay, NF
A1K 1A6
Tel: (709) 437-7433
Fax: (709) 437-1134
Grade Level: 8
Number of Students: approx. 103
Project Start and Finish Dates: Jan 12 / March 15th
(This project is a permanent RBL unit done on a yearly basis)
  Project Overview

Using the Research skills taught in the Language Arts Curriculum, each student will select a topic from the Science Curriculum, keeping in mind it must be one from which s/he can develop an experiment for the Annual Science Fair to be held in mid March.

  Curriculum Connections

Language Arts:

Project will develop skills in accessing / retrieving / analyzing / synthesizing / presenting information on Science topic.

Learning Outcomes:

The students will:

  • work through complete research process
  • use alternate subject headings to locate sources
  • write a thesis statement or synopsis
  • develop questions relevant to the topic
  • collect information from various sources - Science Encyclopedia, General Reference Encyclopedia, A/V Material, Periodical Index to Literature, CD-Roms and the Internet
  • use jot note skills to recall relevant information
  • use jot notes to write a first draft
  • use revising and editing skills to write a final draft
  • develop a glossary of 10 new words and their meanings
  • Prepare a bibliography of resources used, using a standard format.

  Resource Connections

  • School Resource Center / AV Materials / CD-Roms / Vertical files / Science and ChildrenMagazine
  • A.C. Hunter Reference Collection / Internet Access / CD-Roms
  • Internet Links from Stemnet pages as well as Internet searches on chosen topics
  • Resource Persons from various fields of Science e.g. Horticulturists in community, parents who work with DFO, Dept. of Environment etc.


Students will know beforehand how the process is weighed. Seventy percent of the mark is assigned to the first seven learning outcomes therefore it is necessary to collect all rough work. Emphasis should be placed on the process , not just the final product. Thirty percent of the mark is assigned to the draft and final product.

This project will carry major weight for the term mark and the project developed for the Science Fair will be marked toward the term Science mark.

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