Project 3: Project Groundhog

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  General Information

Lead Teachers: Marion Critch

Janice Ryan

School: Goulds Elementary School
46 Doyles Road
St. John's, NF
A1S 1A1
Grade Level: Grade 3
Number of Students: 50
Project Start and Finish Dates: May 5, 1997 to June 13, 1997

  Project Overview

The grade three classes of Goulds Elementary will be able to communicate daily temperatures, weather conditions, wind direction and the UV index information from our area to other areas of our province. We will collect the data throughout the six week period and then proceed to organize, chart, graph, and analyze the responses. Throughout the project students will have the opportunity to correspond with our partners throughout the province and post the results via the Internet and creation of a homepage.

  Curriculum Connections

There are many curriculum connections within this particular project. The goals of the prescribed science program are directly linked to this project as well as other areas of the grade three curriculum.

  • students will learn to classify and graph results
  • interpret bar graphs of data showing rates of temperature change

Social Studies
  • compare weather conditions with geographical locations we are studing (Lethbridge, Labrador City, Corner Brook ,etc.)

Language Arts
  • weather poems and stories to be written and shared with our partners around the province

  • how physical activity is affected by the weather
  • discuss UV index and the importance of protection

  • weather related art activities

  • compare snowfall / rainfall by measuring in cm

  Resource Connections

Through the STELLAR Schools Internet connection, students will be able to collect information pertinent to this project and to communicate to other schools within our province. Students will learn how to publish data using STEM -NET and to gain word processing skills.

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