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  General Information

Lead Teacher: DONNA ROWE
School: Cowan Heights Elementary School
Grade Level: Grade 5
Number of Students: 30
Project Start and Finish Dates: MARCH- APRIL 1997

  Project Overview

The Grade 5 students of Cowan Heights Elementary will delve into the history of the province to formulate questions appropriate for a "TREK" through time. The questions will enable the children of the linked school to learn about the land to which they h ave an historical connection. The C.H.E.S. children will be responsible for categorizing researched information to allow for "TREK" questions that encompass literature, famous persons, geography, geology and any other category they feel would be appropri ate. The C.H.E.S. children will also ensure there is no duplication of questions, keep records of responses for graphing results, determine the level of difficulty of the questions, send an answer key to the teacher of the linked school, and design a game with rules that could be used by the linked school. This can be sent by snail-mail as a culminating activity. Graphics can also be sent as the work is in progress. The overall project could be subject to some changes as we work through as it is not alway s possible to foresee glitches.

The project could be extended another year to have as a link a school in a rural community in Newfoundland proper, or Labrador.

  Curriculum Connections

The areas of the curriculum that will be addressed in this project are:

  • Social Studies
  • Language Arts
  • Technology Education
The school has been in the forefront developing technology awareness and skills. This project will continue to do this by allowing the general school population to become a part of this rapidly advancing field. All children have access to the computer in the classroom but not all have access to one at home which connects to the Internet. This will put all children on a level playing field as far as access and use are concerned.

  Curriculum Outcomes

  • acquire knowledge about Newfoundland and Labrador
  • learn about another area of the world directly connected to here
  • research various sources for information
  • read for information
  • formulate appropriate questions based on information
  • use language skills to communicate information to the linked school
  • use word processing programs to store and reproduce questions for the game
  • graph results for questions successfully answered
  • calculate percentages for questions answered
  • develop creative and critical thinking skills
  • work as a group member to achieve a common goal
  • develop a bibliography of resources
  Other Resources

Encyclopedia of Newfoundland and Labrador The Books of Newfoundland various books by and about Newfoundland artists and writers any other resources deemed appropriate

The STELLAR SCHOOL Internet connection will enable students to see tangible results for their efforts. It will motivate children to complete assigned tasks, edit carefully and ,in turn, seek answers to the questions posed by the Bristol students. The c onnection will give the children a new set of learning and life skills that will help them become more independent learners that will help them prepare for the 21st century.


  • can research using a variety of resources
  • can compose a question appropriate to information
  • can save and retrieve information on the computer
  • can produce an edited piece of writing
  • can compute a percentage
  • can graph using specific statistics from the project
  • can work within a group situation
  • can work independently
  • can use the computer to access information
  • can locate Bristol on a map
  • can categorize questions
  • can contribute to the design of a Trek game
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