Project 3: Language Research for Term Papers as applied to Language 2101

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  General Information

School: Brother Rice High School
P.O. Box 13910
75 Bonaventure Avenue
St. John's, NF
A1B 4G7
Grade Level: Senior High School

  Project Overview

The Language 2101 course description requires the student to compose a scholarly research paper having gone through a systematic process using comprehensive research techniques. The subsequent process and product constitute a substantial component for evaluation purposes.

  Course Objectives

The objectives of the course which specifically relate to the use of the internet include:

  1. Students become familiar with their general subject area through introductory reference works. The Internet will provide a current, comprehensive, worldwide information base.

  2. Narrow the general subject to a topic. The Internet, by its very nature, should provide assistance in this area.

  3. Take usable notes from readings and sources which include:

    • material
    • summary
    • paraphrase
    • quotations
    • personal comments

  4. Evaluate sources being used

  5. Make a tentative outline and sort, select, and organize material

  6. Document evidence through footnotes and bibliographies

  7. Use appropriate media in presentation of the report.


Once provided with technical instruction, each student enrolled in Language 2101 will be granted access to the Internet in order to research their chosen topic via the world wide web. Information deemed appropriate will be downloaded and documented in the bibliography of the research paper. The American Psychological Association, whose style format is utilized at Brother Rice and most post secondary institutions, recognized the Internet as an accepted information source.


In Summary, students will demonstrate their ability to gather, interpret, organize and report information gathered from the information highway throughout the process of compiling their research paper. Students will then be expected to critically evaluate the sources for their reliability, validity, and appropriateness.

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